Eat.Live.Be. - Still Motivated?

Wow, another week is gone and we are a bit closer to the start of Spring!  We've already suffered through our first Monday morning of waking up an hour earlier than we'd like... but, those extra hours of daylight will be so wonderful - once we get used to it!

This week, the Eat.Live.Be. bloggers are discussing keeping the motivation going. As we all know, getting started in any healthy change starts with a bang and then often fizzles out within a few weeks (less for some).  I find starting this kind of challenge in the Winter particularly difficult, I want to snuggle up in a blanket and read or veg out catching up on some of my favorite shows.  So, yes, the last few weeks have been tough to stick to my workout schedule.  The healthy eating has been easier because I'm eating smaller portions.  If I can keep my workouts in line, then I know the losses at the scale (and inches) will start to go a bit faster and be more noticeable.

What's keeping me motivated (at the moment)?  Well, just thinking that we'll have warmer weather to go with these longer days.  Summer is coming and so is the time to buy a new swimsuit.  I have no illusions that I'll be buying a bikini (even at my thinnest that never happened), but I want to feel good when I head to the community pool with the kids and not hide behind my beach cover-up. 

Another motivator for me right now is that in 3 weeks, I'm running my 2nd 5k.  I need to get outside to run so that my legs won't be jell-o within the first 10 minutes running (like last time).  My Oldest has asked if he can ride his bike behind me when I go running and I am thinking that is something I will take him up on soon.  It's a bit chilly right now, but later in the week we may give it a try.  Having my little guy go with me will make me feel a bit better about running outside... I'm not crazy about heading out by myself. 

Trying something new is also something I am adding to the mix to keep my motivation going.  Our school PTA is doing a Zumba fundraiser!  Only $20 for 4 classes (once a week) and all proceeds are going back to the PTA.  I love things like this - I can do something for myself and our school also benefits.  Double bonus!  I'm looking forward to my scheduled classes and will have to find out how much the classes are at the mom's studio who will be teaching it. 

So, my motivation lagged a bit, but that happens to everyone... the key for me is to find something to work toward so that I keep going.  It's not terrible to take a LITTLE time off, but too much and getting back to the routine can be oh-so-very-hard. 

Check out how the other Eat.Live.Be. bloggers are staying motivated at this point in the challenge:

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Unknown said…
Patsy! Great blog post. I am stuggling with motivation right now because I hurt my ankle. Injuries always seem to hold me back, but I am determined to get the rest I need and focus on nutrition.

Congrats on your upcoming 5K!!
Joanne said…
It's definitely a little bit easier to get motivated now that spring is in sight...but the whole weather definitely makes me want to not leave my apartment! I started doing zumba a few weeks ago and LOVE it! It's so much fun, I barely realize I'm exercising!
Rivki Locker said…
Ugh. I missed posting for this week's Eat Live Be challenge. Doesn't say an awful lot about my motivation, does it? Thanks for the inspiring post. Keep it up!

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