Eat.Live.Be. - Required Reading & Check-in Time

This week, it's time for a check-in to see where all of the Eat.Live.Be. bloggers are in their quest for a healthier year.  February was a tough month when it came to exercise... meaning, I think I missed more workouts than I should have.  I could make a million and one excuses, but it all comes down to not being as committed as I was in January. 

One good thing that I still managed to do is keep my portions smaller and dropped a couple more pounds.  I would have liked to report a higher number gone today, but this is about facing "the music" so-to-speak.  Being honest with myself and kicking my you-know-what to stick to my healthy eating plan and exercising on a regular schedule. 

Total loss since January = 6 pounds.  Overall, I'm happy that the number is going down... even if it's not as fast as I'd like it to be.  So, with the start of March I've gotten back to my running workouts and already feeling much better as a result!  I'm also packing healthy lunches and snacks to take with me to work so I can stay on track all day long. 

This week, we are also sharing our "required reading" suggestions.  The go-to sources of inspiration and information that help us stick to our goals.

Check out the required reading for the other Eat.Live.Be. bloggers:

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Unknown said…
Patsy - Congrats on your weight loss!! Have you checked out Oxygen Magazine, Runner's World or the Paelo Diet?

Thanks for the links. I'll defintely share them with friends!
Sarah Caron said…
Congrats on your 6 lbs! That's awesome. Just imagine ... if we lost 6 lbs every two months this year, we'd be down 36 lbs by the end. Wouldn't that be incredible?
Joanne said…
I think February was a hard month for all of us but your weight loss was fantastic! You go girl!

And I love those cookbook suggestions...definitely going to check them out!
Congrats on the 6 lbs! Love all those magazines too!
Rivki Locker said…
What a great reference list, and congrats on your 6 lbs. You're doing great. Keep at it.
Rivki @ Healthy Eating for Ordinary People
dluvscoke said…
I really get inspired reading Prevention Magazine and they put out some good workout DVD's.
Cate O'Malley said…
Six pounds is awesome! I am totally a fan of Prevention magazine too, along with Health. Good stuff.

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