Eat.Live.Be. - Lunch & Finishing another 5k

I'm so happy to be able to share that I completed my 2nd 5k race this weekend!  I beat my time from the first one by 4 minutes, which makes me beyond thrilled!  Even better was that the reason for this 5k was to benefit a local family who lost their little 3 year old daughter just a few months ago.  For such a young little girl, she fought hard to battle against an inoperable brain tumor on her brain stem.  It is such a heartbreaking story and no parents should have to go through what they did over the past year. 

Our community came together for this fundraiser to help the family raise money to pay for the piles of medical bills they are still facing.  There were incredible donations by local businesses the day of the race and the complete outpouring of support for a family that many of us have never personally met was simply awesome.  Makes me so happy that I live in a community that is so willing to give back.

bizzie lizzie
I've had a really outstanding couple of weeks with regard to my exercise routine.  I'm also feeling even more motivated after completing this 5k to keep going.  I'm working on selecting another one to keep my momentum going.

This week's topic is actually favorite healthy lunches.  I can't say that I'm very interesting on this front.  I should be since I write a blog that talks so much about food, right?  Lunch is tough for me to get too creative because I work outside of the home and when I remember to pack my lunch - it's leftovers most of the time. 

When I am on top of things and pack my healthy lunch bag it usually contains a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit.  I also like to include something sweet to end my lunch so a cookie or low fat pudding also finds it's way into my lunch box.

Follow me over to the rest of the Eat.Live.Be. bloggers for some ideas on healthy lunches!

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Aggie said…
Congrats on another 5k and beating your time!! That is such a great feeling and accomplishment, you should be proud. Keep that momentum going!

And I have to say, what a special 5k that must have been. My heart goes out to that family.

Lunches are so hard aren't they? I'm at home and it's just not a meal that I want to put too much effort into.
Joanne said…
Woohoo congrats on the 5K!! That is so awesome, especially since it was for such a good cause! you rock girl!

I eat leftovers a lot also, but occasionally I manage to get my life together enough to make something. And then at other times....I just get sushi.
The Food Hunter said…
great job on your race...
Cate O'Malley said…
Congrats on the 5K - Bizzie's was definitely a perfect one. The MS 5K is next Sunday at Horseshoe Lake... fyi. :)
Congratulations to you . That is quite an accomplishment!
Rivki Locker said…
Congrats on the race! What an accomplishment. For me, lunch is almost always a ready-made protein bar eaten at my desk while working, working, working. :( I like to get creative when it comes to dinner and I am relaxed and have the time to prepare. For me, leftovers are actually a GOOD day. I almost never fix myself a fresh lunch! I say - whatever works for you!
LaPhemmePhoodie said…
Congrats on your 5k. That's on my bucket list. I've yet to get close to running one. Maybe one day I'll run one with you!

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