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Toward the end of last week we had a real taste of spring with a 70 degree day, only to drop to the 50's over the weekend... and when we were leaving today Mother Nature offerred up another bit of snow to keep us from getting too excited.  Boo!  I'm over Winter and so very ready for warmer weather and ditching the bulky coats and sweaters.

So, we have made it to another Monday and that means it's time for my Eat.Live.Be. post.  This week we are all sharing a peek into a day in our lives - to show how we are incorporating those healthy changes we began working on 12 weeks ago. 

Sharing a day in my life is not going to make you want to come back again to see what else I've got to say next time.  So rather than bore you with the oh-so-exciting details of my day, I will talk about my much improved schedule over the past week. As I've mentioned before, I got off to a fabulous start in January, only to derail myself a bit in February.  March has been my climb back on the exercise wagon and I am feeling so much better as a result!

Last week, I managed to get in some form of exercise nearly every day!  Serious improvement from February.  Here's a breakdown of what I got in:

  • Biking with My Boys - not terribly taxing, but it was fun and a nice change of pace from my usual workouts.
  • Zumba!  Our PTA is doing a 4 week fundraiser for a bargain price, so I couldn't resist joining in! It was a blast and I am looking into taking the instructor's class once the fundraiser is over.  Something fun to throw into the mix so I don't get bored with doing the same thing all the time.
  • Shooting Hoops with My Youngest.  Again, not terribly taxing, except for chasing the basketball when I miss the hoop all together.  But, we had fun and it was more activity on a nice day.
  • Running!  Of course, I have to get my running in - otherwise I won't be able to improve my time when I run my next 5k (which is this coming weekend - boy, that came fast!).  I got my first outdoor run in since the Fall and it was tough.  Glad I got it in and stuck with my intervals through the 3 miles.  Today, I had to do my run on the treadmill due to the nasty, cold weather... but, with much improved time!  Very happy with my improvement.
I used to get up early to do my workouts, but I am finding I actually get a better workout later in the day.  I think of my harder workouts as a perfect way to destress after a long day of work.  Even though I was somewhat tempted to skip today's run, I was so happy I got through it.  Sometimes you just have to push yourself to get in the activity and once you get started you will want to push through. 

Want to peek into the daily healthy routine of the other Eat.Live.Be. bloggers?  Go on over and check out their posts for some ideas on how to fit in those healthy changes you have been wanting to make!

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Rivki Locker said…
Hi Patsy. Thanks for giving me this window into your routine. Sounds like you've got lots of things in place to stay healthy. For me, eating healthy is the easy part. It's the exercise that's tough to fit in. Good for you for making it a priority.
-- Rivki @ Kosher Cooking for Ordinary People and Healthy Eating for Ordinary People
Joanne said…
I love how so much of your exercise is done with your kids! That's just awesome. And I'm so glad you're liking zumba! It makes me so ridiculously happy even though I am the worst dancer of all time :P
The Food Hunter said…
Great job on your exercising this week...Keep it up!

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