Life as I Know It: Reading for Fun

While at the library recently, I couldn't help but snap this picture with my phone.  Of course, My Oldest was annoyed at me, but he's forgotten it by now.

If you have more than one child, you will understand why finally seeing both of my boys enjoying reading as much as I did as a child was such a pleasure.  My Oldest took to reading fairly quickly and has no problem when I tell him to go read a book for an hour.  He "falls into the story" - I just love that saying that we found on a bookmark from the library.

My Youngest had to work a bit harder to find books that he liked enough to enjoy reading.  Thank goodness for the Magic Tree House book series!  These stories are not only entertaining, but are also based on actual historical events.  You don't even have to read them in order to enjoy them.

Now that they are both reading so much, I decided it was time that they each got their own library cards.  I know I could have done it when they were younger, but I thought it was important that they be able to understand the responsibility of keeping track of the books and making sure we returned them on time.

What books do your kids enjoy reading?  We are always looking for new books to read!

I've added a new tab called Books & Cookbooks we love where I will share Amazon links to books we have really enjoyed.  If you choose to click on any of the links and purchase a book, I will receive a small referral fee.  

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LaDue & Crew said…
Thats wonderful Patsy! Kidlet keeps asking for one too. She loves books, but at 4 I think she still wouldn't comprehend the responsibility. The boys look so adorable here!
Aggie said…
I can totally appreciate that sweet picture of your boys! My son just started reading this year in kindergarten and it has been absolutely wonderful. Amazing to see them learn! I've been reading Tree House series to him too, we love the books.
My little girl and I have been visiting the library weekly for books this past month. We pick out a few for her and a few for big brother. what's great is big brother is now reading for his little sister! :)

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