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 It's been a bit of time since my last post... sorry for the "silence", but we had to get away from the brutal Winter and experience some sunshine and WARMTH for a few days.  More on that later, I promise!

It's Monday and time to talk about this week's theme: Portion Control.  Ughhhhh!  That is something that I struggle with because I do love food... no, that's not totally true.  I love GOOD food, which makes it hard to eat what is considered an appropriate portion.  It's so easy to go beyond what will leave you feeling satisfied versus feeling stuffed and wishing you wore pants with an elastic waistband.

Many of us who have been on a whole range of diets have probably experimented with different ways to control portion sizes.  Everything from weighing food, to eyeballing the sizes based on your fist or a deck of cards or something else.   But, do you know what one tip I actually do follow pretty regularly?  I eat my meals on my salad size plates!  I bought some pretty salad size plates for taking food photos and once I'm finished with the "photo shoot", that's generally my dinner.  The plates are very visually appealing and look so much fuller than my dinner plates that I don't feel like I'm depriving myself.  The key to this method is to not go back for seconds.

It's definitely not foolproof, but if the plate size is smaller it is more likely that it will seem more satisfying because it appears you are eating a plate full of food.  It's a mind game, but often that smaller plate size is all I need for my meal, then I can enjoy a small sweet of some kind after dinner.

Be sure to check in with the other Eat.Live.Be. bloggers to see how the use portion control to stick to their healthy living goals.

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Rivki Locker said…
Love this strategy. I'm not big into counting or measuring, but a small plate sure does help.
Joanne said…
Love this! I totally do the same thing. I refuse to eat dinner on big plates because it totally messes with your mind. I can't wait to hear about the trip that you took!

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