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 After a week of missing most of my workouts... yes, I know... scheduling them would have helped, but life and time got away from me.  So, this week's topic of sharing information from experts was a good one.  These tips are things I know, but going and looking for them puts them at the forefront of my thinking.  Which, is a good thing and will help keep my motivation rolling the right direction.

Since I'm back to Weight Watchers, I went to the WW website for the tips I'm going to share here.  The entire article can be viewed HERE.  I really feel that WW is a wonderful source for up-to-date tips on losing weight and the success stories help show that anyone can do it with the right motivation.

Plot out your goals.  This should be a no-brainer, but many of us decide that we need to lose 20, 30, 50 pounds or more without figuring out how we are going to get there.  Having smaller milestones to hit along the way is a great way to stay motivated not become overwhelmed.
Envision your success.  This is one that I have trouble with and need to work on... athletes do this by picturing crossing the finish line first or making the touchdown.  So, why shouldn't picturing yourself thinner and healthier be part of your plan when losing weight?
Don't sabotage yourself.   By "rehearsing" what you will eat at an event you will be better prepared to say no to the foods or drinks that will steer you off track.  But, when we don't plan ahead and mentally rehearse what's coming we are more likely to overindulge and then feel badly about it later.
Be your own cheerleader.  This is easier said than done, but I like the concept.  They suggest making a list of your accomplishments in every part of your life.  No matter how small you may think they are include them.  This will help stop the negative self-talk that creeps in at moments of weakness.
Avoid being a perfectionist.  Wow... this is a good one!  Everyone has a mis-step here and there, so don't beat yourself up about it.  Own up to it and move on.  No one is 100% perfect all of the time, so why do we feel we have to be when losing weight?
Follow through with your goals.  Having a plan is great, but you must act on it.  If healthy eating and an active lifestyle will help you reach your weight-loss goals, then you must make it a priority to do those things so you can reach those goals.
Affirm your self-belief.  Come up with a positive statement that you can say to yourself whenever your confidence is wavering.  Just keep saying it to yourself so that it becomes second nature when a difficult situation comes up.

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Joanne said…
I love love love these tips, Patsy! Especially the one about motivating myself and NOT being a perfectionist. Too often, I mess up at one meal and then it carries over into the next because I feel like I've thrown the day untrue!
Rivki Locker said…
I love the idea of rehearsing ahead of time. I do that with one of my daughters who is very shy. When we are going to a party or event where she'll meet lots of people, we talk about the challenges ahead of time and come up with a plan. I never thought of trying that myself with difficult eating challenges. Great strategy! Thanks for sharing.

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