Shoprite Potluck Post: Pumpkin Spice Muffins

 I'm so excited to share my first post for the Shoprite Potluck Blog!  The new blog has gone live and there are a variety of posts to inspire you to use the ShopRite products.

My first post is all about the infamous 2 point WW muffins!  I received a big can of Pumpkin and decided it was time to test out this recipe to see if it was as good as everyone has told me....

 To see what I thought, head on over to my 1st blog post for Shoprite and leave a comment!

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Anonymous said…
I miss the Can Can Sale!!! Great Job Patsy!!
I know this is about your Shoprite post, but I have to tell you, my teenage daughter just made these muffins the other day---before we saw your post! Her step brother had made them when she was at her dad's for Thanksgiving, and she's been raving about them ever since. So, on Tuesday's snow day, she whipped up a batch! They were so, so easy & yummy! Great minds think alike ;) Congrats on your new writing gig!

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