Roasted Brussels Sprouts = Irresistable!

 It's Winter... unmistakably Winter right now.  We've had snow on the ground since the blizzard that hit the last week of December.  As a matter of fact, I think we've had some amount of snowfall at least once a week since then.  Once we get past one big snow (or even one small one), I'm ready for the temperatures to warm back up and get rid of the coats.  Unfortunately, I don't live where that is possible.

One of the things about this time of year that I find rather difficult is shopping for produce.  While I enjoy the occasional potato or Winter squash... I long for the veggies of summer!  Salads are not as appealing this time of year because, well... it's cold outside and salads appeal to me more in the wamer months.  So, as I wander the produce aisle, I search for items that will add variety to what I'm serving.  Recently, a wonderful little container of Brussels sprouts caught my eye.

I've made Brussels sprouts before and enjoyed them.   But, this time I wanted to try something different.  Something ridiculously simple, but I just had a feeling it would be a perfect way of preparing these cute veggies... I roasted them!

 I really love when a simple preparation results in a side dish that would be worthy of sharing with guests.  Of course, this is so good that you may want to just keep it to yourself!  My Boys were not fans of them this time... but, sssshhhhh, that's ok... more for me and My Husband!  We were ok with keeping these melt-in-your-mouth bits of goodness to ourselves.  In one bite you had the softened roasted Brussels sprouts... in the next, a nice crispy bit that had a touch of Kosher salt on it.

Want to make this for yourself?  Preheat your oven to 425.   While it's preheating cut off the stem end of the sprouts and then cut in half.  Toss with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Add to a baking dish and roast for 20 minutes.  Give it a stir, then reduce the oven temperature to 400 and allow to roast another 20 minutes.

So simple and perfect way to enjoy a Winter vegetable!

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MaryMoh said…
Mmmm....just what I like...simple and easy, yet very delicious. My family loves Brussels sprouts. We even snack on them :)
Patsy, I love Brussel sprouts! For me, they rank right up there with asparagus, which I also truly love (though I know many would disagree). A few years ago, I tried a creamy garlic sauce that was meant to pour over Brussel sprouts---it was divine, but now I can't find the recipe I used! If I happen to run across it, I'll email it to you, just in case you'd like to try it as well (my kids gobbled it up)!
Roasted Brussels sprouts are just so good. Didn't think I'd like them until I had them roasted. - John
Leslie said…
You can come down here to Tampa to get out of the snow! I love me some brussel sprouts!
cassie-b said…
They were absolutely delicious!!

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