Need a Nibble? Try Spinach Pinwheels

 Last week, I promised that I'd share another quick and easy appetizer idea.  It seems whenever I want to make an appetizer, I am pulled toward recipes that call for frozen chopped spinach.  I always have several packages in the freezer, so that does help.  This time I wanted something that would be served warm, but still tasty at room temperature.

I found the original recipe at  and ended up changing it slightly because I used puff pastry instead of crescent rolls.  This is so quick and easy to make, and from the comments I received at Bunco... several people thought it was labor intensive!  Not the case at all!

You could use different flavored cream cheese spreads, but the herb and garlic spread I used was a wonderful compliment to the spinach.  The puff pastry is so easy to work with - just roll it out and spread the herb and garlic cheese spread over it.
Next, you sprinkle the cooked and drained spinach over the top.  Then roll it up, and slice it into just smaller than 1/2 inch pieces.  Bake it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (or until they have become golden) and you will have a flavorful appetizer that will get you rave reviews!

For those of you who have been checking in to see how the Eat.Live.Be. challenge is going, this would seem like it's not a great option.  This is where "everything in moderation" comes into play.  Even though I am back on Weight Watchers, the plan does allow for indulgences - in moderation.  I plan for them in advance and have found that I can enjoy a smaller portion of something tasty and full of flavor.  It's so much more satisfying that I don't need to keep refilling my plate.  That is progress for me.  More on that in the coming weeks.  I promise this is not becoming a total healthy eating and living blog, but since I am focusing on that in my life you will see a bit more of that creep into some of my recipe posts, as well as the usual baking and indulgent recipes.  Hope that you'll stick around to see what's coming up!

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Anonymous said…
Just found your blog. Looks like you have some great recipes!
Patsyk said…
So glad you are here! I hope you stop by often!
They really do sound delicious Patsy reminding me of my favourite Greek treat spanakopita.
Chris said…
Cream cheese, spinach, puff pastry....can't you want anymore goodness? Yum! These will come in handy, for sure.
Anonymous said…
This is a great idea! It looks so easy, but I can already tell the flavors would be awesome. Thanks for sharing. =)
Puff pastry + spinach = YUM!
Love the appetizer idea!
Rivki Locker said…
These look so simple and elegant! I love frozen puff pastry dough. It's so easy to make an elegant dish out of it. And I'm absolutely with you on frozen spinach too - it's a great ingredient for quiche, side dishes, soups.... Thanks for a great post.

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