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 I can't believe we are already at the end of January!  As much as I am not fond of wishing time to go faster, this Winter weather has me looking forward to the snow melting and seeing the leaves appear on trees and the grass turning green.  With all of that to look forward to, sticking to my Eat.Live.Be. goals should be simple, right?

 As with anything, some days are better than others... and those are the one's I am going to focus on today.  This week we are all sharing what our favorite healthy change has been during the challenge.

For me, I think making exercise a priority has resulted in feeling physically better and sleeping more soundly.  This is even the case when I get my exercise done in the evening, which I was afraid would end up keeping me up later at night.   In spite of a bad week with planning my workouts, I actually missed them.  So, I'm putting them on my calendar so as not to miss a single one... if it's scheduled, I have the time set aside no matter what!

Another healthy change that is making me feel good is really thinking about how I am eating.  Rather than just grabbing whatever is nearby, I'm taking a moment to think about it and whether that is what I really want.  For example, we had a school event on Saturday and they were selling hot dogs... which I'm not a huge fan of to begin with, and while I was hungry I didn't have one.  Why?  Because I didn't want to take in calories on something I knew I wouldn't enjoy in the end.  Yes, it would have filled the need to eat something, but I would have still be craving something that tasted good later.  I waited and came home and had one of my new favorites - Chobani Greek Yogurt.  Surprisingly, that totally satisfied me and I didn't waste calories (or points) on something that wouldn't have satisfied me.

If you are making healthy changes, what are your favorite changes so far?

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Next week, we'll be blogging about "Rut Rescue 101"... how we each find ways to bust out of a exercise or healthy eating rut.  

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Joanne said…
I am super impressed by your choice-making abilities! I used to be SO GOOD at turning down things that I knew deep down were a waste of calories (especially when I don't even really like them to begin with!) but that has kind of faded with time. I need to get this healthy habit back in my life again!
Chris said…
Good for you deciding to add them to the calendar. I had to do that. When someone asks me to do something that is not absolutely necessary for me to go, I just say, "I have an appointment". It has been working for the most part! But, if one is missed, just get back the next day. (Easier said than done, right? ha!)

Keep up the good work! :)
Rivki Locker said…
I have made some good changes this year, too, but exercise has fallen off the list, and I don't feel very good about that. It's so true - I feel better and sleep better when I am working out, even if it's just for 1/2 hour. Thanks for inspiring me! I think I'll drag out the wii fit this evening! :)
Allison said…
Gosh I need some of your will power at social events to rub off on me. It is my constant struggle! Good job.

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