Eat. Live. Be. - a Healthy Living Challenge for 2011

 It's a new year and that often means it is an opportune time to make some changes.  For me, those changes are more related to being healthier and exercising more.  When Cate of Sweetnicks contacted me about joining in a challenge that she and Sarah of Sarah's Cucina Bella had thought up, I jumped in... with both feet!  They came up with Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011.
So, every Monday a fantastic group of bloggers will be posting on specific topics related to their own personal journey to a healthier 2011.  Our first post is a chance for us to publicly declare our goals and how we plan to reach them.

Here I am ready to start fresh with the new year.  While I did start running last year and participated in a 5k, I want to improve my running to where my endurance is increased and I can go beyond the 3.1 miles during a single run.  I am also going to work on improving my strength training, because it would be really cool to wear a tank top this summer and be proud of my arms.  As an added incentive for me to stick to this plan, I've signed up for the "Biggest Winner" program at the gym.  I'm going to be working to accumulate points based on gym attendance, keeping a nutrition journal and attending various lunch-n-learn programs (the gym happens to be located at my office and they sponsor some very informative programs).

In addition, I've rejoined Weight Watchers to help me drop the weight I have put back on since making lifetime a few years back.  The new Points Plus plan feels really liveable and I think it's going to help me learn how to maintain the weight loss better than the previous plan did.  The free fruits and vegetables have already made this plan something I know I can live with long term.  As anyone who has gained weight can tell you, they didn't get there by overeating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.  I'm already noticing that my satisfaction level has improved significantly.  I'm just getting back to the program and resetting my mind to journal each bite I take will require dedication.  But, that dedication will get me to where I want to be - lighter and healthier.

I'm excited to have this group to help push me to stick to my goals this year.  I think whenever you are in the process of making positive lifestyle changes it's very important to have a good support system.  You can also follow along with the group via the Facebook page for Eat. Live. Be. 

If you would like to join in and share your own journey, please feel free to post your own experiences on your blog and come back on Monday and share the link.  Each of us will be using Mr. Linky at the end of each post.  Next week's topic will be "Where is your support community?"  We'll all be talking about where we find support and how it helps us to stay on track.

 Please visit the other bloggers who are going to be posting and sharing their goals today for Eat. Live. Be.
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Rivki Locker said…
What a wonderful initiative! I'm a big fan of New Year's resolutions. I think the new year is a great excuse to reflect on what you did right all year, and what you need to improve upon.

I took the opportunity to write about my own healthy eating goals on my blog. I hope you check it out! Here's a summary:
- to eat what I enjoy
- to enjoy what I eat
- to load up on fresh quality produce
- to eat very little of everything else.

Thanks for giving me a push to set these goals! Great initiative!
Sarah Caron said…
Patsy, I am convinced that the best way to reach goals like this is to have a plan of how to get there -- and yours sounds great.
Megan said…
I'll be getting inspiration from all you guys. Have a healthy, happy, and of course delicious New Year Patsy!
Unknown said…
Great ideas! I'm so impressed with your running...keep enjoying it!
I think having a support group like this (whether it's online or off) is what everyone needs to help them reach their goals. Not only does it provide instant moral support, but a place to share successes and hardships, as well as a group mindset to hold each other accountable. Best of luck to you & all the other participants of Eat. Live. Be. and happy 2011!

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