Eat. Live. Be. - Finding Support

One week into the Eat. Live. Be. and I'm consistently working out and getting in plenty of fruits and veggies each day.  I'm feeling good, and that's keeping me motivated.

This week, we are each talking about our support with this challenge.  Support can come in so many different forms and I find that I get it from places I never would have expected.

I've been sharing my running progress on my personal Facebook account and I'm finding that there are many people there encouraging me to keep going.  Those comments and virtual pats on the back are huge and provide that extra bit of motivation for me.  Since I'm publicly talking about my running, it makes me feel more committed to it.

I mentioned that I was back to running after a break and was thinking that I needed to find a local 5k to run to have a goal to work toward.  Within a short time, I had a bunch of suggestions on 5k's and even a 1/2 marathon that I should sign up for... the 1/2 marathon is a bit more than I'm ready for, but I did decide on a 5k at the end of March to benefit a very sick local little girl.

I'm also finding that the Eat.Live.Be. Facebook page is a great source of support.   Sarah or Cate often post a quick question during the day to see how everyone is doing or post their most recent healthy meal.  The group has grown since the launch last week, and just seeing posts about others who are working toward their own goals has a positive effect on me working toward mine.

One other place that I find support is via text messages with a girlfriend.  She lives back in Kansas City and we both have been trying to get back into shape and eat better.  So, we'll send each other a text every few days to check in and see how we are both doing.  She's known me forever and we both can be very honest with each other, and that helps so much when leaning on someone when that vending machine is calling your name... loudly!

This first week has had some challenging moments, and I found that when things were a bit stressful... I actually wanted to get my run in sooner.  That wasn't always possible, but that is a whole new mindset for me.  A good one even though it surprises me.

Where do you find support? Be sure to share a link to your own post in the comments.  I'm having a bit of trouble with Mr. Linky, so hopefully next week I'll get it figured out.

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Sarah Caron said…
That's awesome that you've been finding so much support for your running on Facebook. And yay on finding a 5K to run! I can't wait to hear your progress.
Joanne said…
Congrats on getting back into running and signing up for that 5K! Especially since it has such a great cause behind it. You'll feel good both physically and emotionally for doing it.
Allison said…
I am trying to get back to running this year too. I took a long break from it and last week was hard. Keep me motivated!!!

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