Thanksgiving Dessert: Chocolate Cream Pie

 Has everyone recovered from the Thanksgiving feast yet?  Well, then it's time to share a dessert that I made twice during the last week!  The first time was for Thanksgiving and then again to share with friends Friday night.

I am a big chocoholic, so it's no surprise that when I'm asked to bring a dessert that I go searching for something rich and chocolatey... and in this case it's not so bad when it comes to the calorie count since it's from Cooking Light!  Huge Bonus!

I did cheat slightly and bought a pre-made graham cracker crust, but made the rest of it as the recipe directed.  The filling is so rich and chocolatey no one guessed it was a low-calorie treat!   I had My Youngest help me make the filling and this is a great recipe to get the kids into the kitchen to help out.

 The filling is a rich, home-made pudding and is so easy to do that I can see playing around with other flavor possibilities... possibly a bit of orange or raspberry liquer instead of the vanilla.  Just a hint of something else to intrigue your family and friends.

It's so simple to make... about 20 minutes and it's in the fridge chilling until it's time to serve!  You can find the recipe at My Recipes (HERE).

Now, with Hanukkah starting Wednesday night, I have to get busy and make some latkes and other yummy treats!  It's so early this year and it's making me feel like I've already fallen behind!

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Shelby said…
Looks yummy! Nothing wrong with cheating (I do it with pie crusts!)
love this pie can eat the whole thing!
Robin said…
One of my favorite desserts is homemade chocolate pudding still warm! In a pie form, even better!
Ruthia said…
Thanks for this post. Have a happy holiday season!
Unknown said…
I lovee a chocolate cream pie. That looks delicious!!
Deborah said…
chocolate pie is one of my dad's favorites. This looks great!!

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