Life as I Know it: Blogging Out Hunger & Doing Some Good

 Last Saturday morning, we got up and spent some time helping the Interfaith Food Pantry in our area.  We've done it before and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to show our boys that they can help other people by doing something and getting involved.  We sorted food for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday - which we were told they already have 700 families in need of a holiday meal since they began taking requests at the beginning of October.

Helping people get the food they need for their families is something I can truly get behind.  For those of you who have been visiting here for awhile you may remember about 2 years ago I participated in the Blogging Out Hunger campaign which was the spearheaded by Deb Smith of Jersey Biters in an effort to help the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.  

Once again, bloggers across New Jersey are coming together to raise awareness of the problem of hunger.  The economy is still struggling to recover and families are having a hard time finding the money to put meals on the table each day.  You might be asking yourself... What can I do to help?

Well, it's very simple.  When you are shopping at your local grocery store and checking out you'll see donation slips similar to those in the image below titled "Check Out Hunger".  You can donate by adding as little as $1 to your grocery bill.

 You can also donate by going to website and donating directly to Check Out Hunger.

When you stop to think about it, many of us have the privilege of coming home to a warm house and a full refrigerator every day.  If we can fill our own refrigerator, why can't we share a bit of what we have with those who are struggling?  No child should have go to hungry at dinner time.

This time of year the supermarkets have their donation slips hanging near the check out so as your eyes wander over to see which celebrity is on the cover of the whatever magazine is displayed... let them wander over to the Check Out Hunger slips and pull one off to add to your grocery bill.

Be sure to visit Jersey Biters to see the complete list of bloggers who are participating in the Check Out Hunger campaign.

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What a great way to come together, thanks for sharing about this cause.
Megan said…
I wish I could say "it's that time of year" but unfortunitly, hunger is a year round problem. Bless you Patsy for helping those in need!!!

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