Halloween Treats: Spooky Eye Cupcakes

 If you drove through our neighborhood right now, you would know one thing for sure... we LOVE Halloween here!  Many people have elaborate cemetery set-ups in their front yards, others have giant spiders and webs on the front of their homes.  The night of Halloween, you MUST have a huge tub of candy ready and waiting because kids come from other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat here.  Yep, this is the place to be on Halloween!

Of course, I have to get in on the fun the week before the big day because well... it seems I must have a million things going at once in order to get through the day.  Ok, maybe not, but after last year's party I couldn't say no to My Boys who really wanted another party this year.

So, the planning began in early September.  I kept very good notes on what worked well and what didn't last year.   Even what eats and treats I couldn't fit into the plan last year but really wanted to try this year.  I had a fabulous blogging friend, Janet of LaDue & Crew,  send me a Halloween book with ideas that was key to some of my ideas.

We had a bigger crowd of kids ranging in age from 3 to 9 years old this year.  So, it was a wonderful surprise that we had a gorgeous night for our party and could play several games outside!  One of the big hits of the night was the mummy wrapping game - only we had the kids wrap 4 of the dads who are VERY good sports.  Then, of course, we had to torture them a bit by making them run a race all wrapped as mummies.  The kids loved every minute of it!

Now, for the food!  I didn't make everything from scratch (ok... send me off to the exiled food bloggers island now... I took ALOT of shortcuts for this party).  I'll share a few of the things I made this week, but first up are the cupcakes... because well... I am so proud of how they turned out!

 So easy to create!  I used gummy ring candy for the eyes, and added an M&M to the center of each one.  Then used red icing to make the bloodshot squiggles.  The kids loved the creepy look of these cupcakes!

What's your favorite treat during Halloween? 

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Kristen said…
Oh those are fantastic!
I feel so badly for my kids because I am not a big Halloween fan. I need to just get into the spirit for them. This may be just what they would love!
These are definitely spooky fun Patsy.
Unknown said…
These are really cute! Gives me a great idea for my son's halloween party on Friday!
sj said…
Ha! I love these... the kids would love it too!
Katrina said…
So fun. I love these and kids could all make their own eyeball in whatever color they want.
Unknown said…
Such a cute idea! My kids would definitely love these! And they are perfect for a Halloween party!

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