Halloween and Candy Corn Bark

 One of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  I love the decorations and all the fun treats that go along with it.  One of my favorite candies this time of year is candy corn!
These little candies are so irresistable... I can't stop eating them!  When I was pregnant with each of My Boys, My Husband would bring me these candies since they would kick like crazy every time I would eat them.  So, you can imagine... they both really love them as well!

I remembered a Candy Corn Cookie Bark that Recipegirl had posted, and made something similar for our Halloween themed Bunko night.   More of a spin on the Peppermint Bark that I've made in the past. 

So, I started by melting some chocolate in a double boiler. 

 Once that was melted, I spread it out on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  I put that into the freezer while I melted white chocolate.  Then, spread that on top of the first layer of chocolate.   Then, I added the candy corns by pressing them slightly into the white chocolate.  
Then, I put it back in the freezer for another 30 minutes.  I pulled it out and broke it into pieces.  My Youngest snagged a few pieces before I shared it with my friends and Bunko and declared it one of the best things "ever".  Can't go wrong with a review like that... and the simplicity of putting it together, well that's just perfect!

What is your favorite Halloween treat? 

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Jamie said…
Candy corn is one of our favorites too. I have some in my candy jar and another bag in the pantry. I love the idea of a candy corn bark. So easy too.
Jenny said…
Adorable! Love this :) I can picture the kids really having a ball helping w this recipe :)
RecipeGirl said…
Yay! Glad the kiddos liked it. I haven't done it with real chocolate yet, just the white stuff.
We love candy corn, so this treat will be a hit at our house! Thanks Patsy!

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