Perfect Lunch: Sweet Grape Tomato & White Bean Pasta

Life has been pretty busy since My Boys went back to school last week.  Between soccer practice, homework, Hebrew school and PTA meetings... let's just say I'm still getting used to being in the routine again.  Not a ton of interesting meals are being made, but I did manage to make something fantastic to take in my lunch last week.   
I picked up the Cooking Light, Fresh Food Fast cookbook awhile back and have a ton of recipes tagged.  I just didn't have time to make anything from it before now.  It helped that I happened to have all the ingredients on hand to make it one evening last week - grape tomatoes, baby spinach, navy beans - just to name a few.The dish goes together pretty quickly, and it's somewhat true to what is listed in the book... about 14 minutes of cook time.  Can't beat the healthy ingredients in this dish either, low in calories and full of protein and fiber.  Makes it a filling lunch!

 I loved that this recipe had simple, fresh ingredients AND went together so fast!  It was delicious when hot, but worked well chilled when I ate it for lunch.  I found it to be very filling and full of flavor so it was also satisfying.  

You can find this recipe HERE at .  Give it a try soon, while you can still get grape tomatoes that taste as sweet as they should!

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RecipeGirl said…
I have that cookbook too, and I absolutely LOVE it. Everything I've made from it has been very good. This recipe looks good too!
Jamie said…
I know what you mean about being busy. The school routine is definitely in full force. What a great simple and healthy meal for these busy times.
Life will settle down, hopefully, bit I know you will continue to make healthy and delicious delicious dishes like this one.
Patsyk said…
I know things will calm down... it's always the first few weeks we are back in school and all the committees and activities have to get organized quickly... not enough time to do everything right now!
Shelby said…
Things are uncalm here for different reasons! lol. Patsy, this dish looks delicious!

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