Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Who doesn't know that sing-songy rhyme?  When the ice cream man comes jingling down the street, the kids run like crazy to see what he's got in his truck.  Summer means swimming pools, lazy days and most importantly ice cream!

While I've never made ice cream from scratch at home, My Mom used to do it a couple times a summer - if I asked really, really nicely.  I loved the velvety, smooth ice cream that came from her ice cream maker.  It was hard to wait patiently while it did it's "magic".  I remember it making a ton of noise and I think it required rock salt for some reason... it was quite some time ago and I imagine it's been sent off for donation by now. 

One of these days I'll have to give making it at home a try... but, in the meantime there are some quick and easy ice cream style desserts that will certainly fill that desire during the dog days of summer.  Last weekend we were invited to our neighbor's for a BBQ and I was asked to bring a dessert.  I'm always thrilled to bring dessert since it is one of my favorite things to make! 

I found a recipe on the Kraft website for Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake.  Looked like the perfect dessert for kids (and adults).  It's a layered ice cream sandwich dessert - similar to the Frozen Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich dessert I made last summer

You start with layers of ice cream sandwiches and top them with a layer consisting of Cool Whip, instant chocolate pudding, hot fudge sauce and chopped Oreos. 

Once you have the layers assembled, you "ice" the cake with the remaining Cool Whip before placing into the freezer.

This was super easy to put together, but I would use the smaller box of chocolate pudding mix and definitely add a little milk to make mixing a bit easier. 

Even though this was a hit with the kids, I think the Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert is so much more decadent and that might win over this one with the adults.  With a few tweaks this dessert could be taken to a higher level of summery goodness, and I think I may see how I can improve on it myself.

What is your favorite summertime dessert?

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Shelby said…
Oh I am sure this was super yummy!
I saw you left a comment on another blog and that your last post was also on a type of oreo ice cream dessert. I just made one too! You know it's summertime when.... Once I'm done eating mine, I might try a hand at your recipe. :)
Jamie said…
I'm sure the kids loved this one Patsy. I remember the one you did last year. What a fun idea for a neighborhood party.
Unknown said…
Oh wow! I'd love to have a panful of this!

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