Meal Planning for Busy Families

Meal planning is an area of interest to most people these days.  We have such busy schedules between school activities, PTA, sports, homework... and it goes on and on.  After my last post on meal planning, several of you shared what you do when it comes to meal planning. 

Amy who writes Dinners for a Year and Beyond works her meal planning similar to mine in that she selects 3 to 4 recipes for the upcoming week.  She checks the schedule for each member of her family and then figures out recipes and different proteins to make throughout the week.

Shelby (aka: Grumpy's Honeybunch) plans her menus because she is working on continuing her weightloss.  She has started a second blog where she shares her plan for each week called What's for dinner HoneyB?  While I try to make just one trip to the store each week, Shelby prefers to stop on the way home so that she has the freshest fruit, veggies and seafood for that night's dinner. 

Jamie of Mom's Cooking Club builds her menu around what is on sale at her local grocery store.  This is a great way to save money on your food bill and work with what's in season as well.  She also writes down her plan and posts in on the fridge for everyone to see. 

Claudia of What's Cookin Italian Style Cuisine likes to turn last night's meal into something different the next day.  That's a great way to make the most of the ingredients she purchases each week.

My friend, Shelly, plans a week's worth of meals and hits the grocery store each week.  She also stocks her pantry with quick and easy things that can fill in for dinner for those days when the idea of making a full blown meal just isn't going to happen.  To put together her meal plan, she also pulls out cookbooks and such to come up with recipes that her husband and daughter will enjoy.

I really appreciate those who chimed in with what they do.  I think we can all pick up ideas on new things that might work through what others share with us. 

I found a website that has some great tools to help with meal planning, Meals Matter.  The website allows you to create an account where you can put together your own meal plan using the recipes on the site, or your own.  There are also articles to peruse all based on meal planning and how to make it a simple task and not something you dread each week. 

Keep planning for the week, but keep it loose... you never know what each day will bring! 

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Jamie said…
I'm going to check out that website Patsy. Thanks for talking about a subject that may not be glamorous but is certainly a huge help to busy families.
Anne said…
I need to get on this. School starts tomorrow for my 6 year old, Thursday for my 4 year old and next week for my husband. I have a feeling we are going to be running in all different directions and I need to get a handle on this.
Sara Miller said…
Hi Patsy! Just in time for back-to-school, Meals Matter has added a free 30-Minute Family Meals cookbook to the site. Hope this helps you and your readers find more time for family meals!

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