Vegas Dining: Grande Lux Cafe

When we arrived in Las Vegas, it was about lunch time out there so after we got settled into our room we found a place for lunch.  We ended up at Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian.  We had never run across this restaurant before, and I have since discovered it is a chain, so you don't hve to go all the way to Vegs to enjoy their food - unless you want to!

We knew we'd be heading out to a very fine dinner later that night at Fleur de Lys, so we didn't want to overdo it at lunch time, so we ordered a few appetizers. 

We tried the Crispy Thai Shrimp and Chicken Rolls and the flavor combination surprised us.  You take the roll and wrap it up in bibb lettuce and a piece of mint before dipping it in the sweet-hot chili sauce.  All of these flavors and textures worked perfectly together!

The Duck Potstickers were nicely crisp and filled with lots of veggies and dipped in the hoisin sauce ... well, let's just say there weren't any left! 

Our waitress suggested the Crispy Ahi Sushi Roll as a favorite among most of the diners who have eaten there.  We really did love this one, so creative that after preparing the roll to flash-fry it.  The crispy exterior really made this roll something we would want to try again... nice way to take the sushi roll up a notch and add something we haven't seen elsewhere. 

We did eat there a couple of other times, it was just too convenient not to.  We had breakfast one morning where I tried the buffet and it had a nice assortment of fresh fruit and pastries.  There were also the usual chafing dishes with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage.  If you wanted, you could have an omelet made to order as well.  My Husband tried the Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich, which is served on brioche and filled with eggs, tomato, bacon, ham and havarti cheese.  It was beyond mouth-watering and I did try one bite of it... and am wishing I could have another bite now!

The last time we ate there was on our last day in Vegas... needed a simple lunch to tide us over until dinner.  I had their BLT which was piled high and served with seasoned fries. 

Overall, we enjoyed everything we tried, and if we are near one of their restaurants again we'll definitely stop back in for another meal!

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kelly said…
The food in Vegas is certainly a far cry from what it was years ago when we first went. Have never been to either of these restaurants, but there are so many good ones now, we're slowly trying to make it to as many as we can whenever we go. Haven't had a crispy sushi roll before -- sounds tasty .

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