So Easy: Grilled Peaches

In  high school, I took photography my junior year - and it was one of my favorite classes. I remember one of our assignments was to create a photo essay.  So, I came up with the idea of following My Grandma through the activities of her day.  I took photos of her at the grocery store, painting her fence and doing other things that she enjoyed.  Looking back, I have to kind of laugh because all of the photos were taken the same day and My Grandma was dressed so nicely (as she always was) and for her to be painting her fence dressed as she was... well, totally not realistic and obviously staged.  In that photo essay, My Grandma knew how to do even the most mundane activities in style!

I think the theme was a day in the life of an active senior citizen... or something like that.  I can't remember now what grade I received, but I do remember giving her the photo essay afterward and feeling pretty proud of myself.  I enjoyed these type of projects quite alot so, the following year I was one of the yearbook photographers.  Definitely, one of the highlights of my time in high school.

For today's recipe I thought it would be fun to share it in photo essay form rather than typing up the recipe.  It's super easy, and after trying grilled peaches with the ice cold ice cream... well, I must say I'm in love!  The warm fruit so beautifully compliments the ice cream.  You HAVE to try this... it's seriously too easy not to!  This is another winner from Ellie Krieger's lastest cookbook, So Easy. 

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.
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Grilled peaches have been in the back of my mind for a while. They are now in season so thanks for the delicious reminder.
Heidi said…
The photos of your grandma sound like so much fun. I wish our school would have had a photography class (what can you expect when the whole school had less than 200 kids!). Your peaches look delish! I've never had them grilled.
fabulous looking, I love grilled peaches!
I did grilled peaches but filled them with a honey and mint infused goat cheese. So good!
Aggie said…
that seriously has to be one of the most perfect summer desserts!
Mary said…
These look soooo yummy! Can't wait to try them out :)
LaDue & Crew said…
Patsy! Your pics these days are absolutely FAB! I am so slacking in my reading these days, but its good to be back over here!

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