Lakeside Lodge(s) on Lake Gananoque

After telling all about the food on our trip to Lake Gananoque, I realized I never told you where you should stay - should you get the opportunity to go there yourself.  We had a wonderful stay at Griffin's Lakeside Cottages while we were there.  There were several different types of cottages available.  Ours had two bedrooms and a small kitchen and bathroom. 

As you can see, our cottage had these big, beautiful windows in it.  I loved that the windows gave us a nice view of the lake and the greenery around the cabins.  The staff at Griffin's couldn't have been nicer and we also enjoyed homecooked breakfast each morning.  After all the food we ate the day before, who would've thought that we would need breakfast, but who could turn down the most amazing scrambled eggs, homemade pancakes and yes, more bacon?  Not us! 

Not too much farther down the road (and within walking distance) there is also Tedford's Lakeside Resort.  This is where My In-laws stayed for years.  We made our reservations a bit later than we should have, so they recommended Griffin's to us for this year.  While we did not stay at Tedford's this time, we did take a walk over so My Husband could show Our Boys the boat house. 

My Mother-in-Law was able to get a tour of one of the cabins at Tedford's and they've been nicely updated over the years.  Each cabin has it's own porch and you can also choose to have a homecooked breakfast there as well. 

These are family owned businesses, and the people are a real pleasure!  The cabins are kept nice and clean, but a note on the bedrooms... they have twin beds in them.  Afterall, this is a fishing destination and often it's a group of men who come to stay for several days.  We didn't mind and I know Our Boys loved that they didn't have to share a bed!

Griffin's does not have a website, but if you are interested in making reservations there you can contact them via the information on this LINK.  Tedford's has a website which you can view right HERE.  For those living in Northern New Jersey, it's not a bad drive up there... took us only about 6 hours and we stopped for lunch, but don't forget your passport... you will have to show it when you cross the border into Canada!

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Deborah said…
That sounds like somewhere I'd love to visit!!
Jamie said…
Sounds like a wonderful time Patsy. What great memories for your family.

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