Fishing and Food at Lake Gananoque

Anyone who has married someone they have not known their entire life knows that there are things that can seem like a mystery about their spouse when it comes to their youth.  You know what I'm talking about.... you hear stories from various family members about things they said or did and try to match that up to the person you met as an adult.  Also, there are the stories of family trips and holidays that you weren't there to witness.

Well, over Memorial Day weekend our family relived a trip that My Husband's family took every year at that time when he was growing up.  We loaded up our van with packed bags and all the things needed for a fishing trip!  Now, anyone who knows me very well will be scratching their head and wondering why on Earth I would agree to go on a fishing trip?  Well, I have two boys and they like to fish and I figured I wouldn't have to touch anything "icky" so, I couldn't say no.  I have also been hearing about the trips to Lake Gananoque for years now, and wanted to see it for myself.

The lake is beautiful and I really enjoyed the quiet there as well.  We were completely "unplugged" while there... no cell phones, internet, email or anything like that.  I think we all need a break like that occasionally, and this was a perfect mini-vacation for it.

It was quite lucky that My In-laws were able to get in contact with the family who took them out on the lake all those years ago!  It was a pleasure to have Terry, our guide, take us out each day for fishing and his patience with the million questions our boys had was incredible!  They are still talking about him and can't wait to go back and see their new buddy again!

Terry was able to guide us to some areas of the lake where the fishing was very good.  Although the first day we were off to a slow start.  Once the fish started biting, everyone managed to catch a nice sized pike each day!  Even me... the person who does not fish ended up catching three of these nice sized fish!  Once we got our fishing in each day, Terry would take us to one of the many lakeside picnic areas to fillet up the fish and prepare an incredible shore dinner for us. 

This is truly campfire cooking at its best!  Every part of the meal, except for dessert, was cooked on the campfire that Terry made each day.  We started each meal with a "healthy" slab of bacon fried up extra crispy.

Has to be some of the best bacon any of us have ever had!  The meal continued with the fish that we caught, along with boiled potatoes, fried onions and fresh sliced tomatoes.

Each day, we had the special treat of a homebaked pie!  I think the blueberry was my favorite, but we also had pumpkin and apple pie to finish off each day's meal. 

As you can imagine, we were so stuffed after each day's shore dinner that we didn't even bother having dinner!  We were so well fed while we were there that hunger was not something that we felt at any time.

Overall, this trip was a lot of fun!  It was nice to go somewhere that My Husband has spoken so fondly of over the years.  Sharing it with Our Boys and My In-laws was wonderful, too.  We are all looking forward to making the trip again and creating some fabulous memories for Our Boys to look back on when they are grown.

Now, after all that fabulous food... I spent last week eating salads and not a lot of creative cooking was going on - hoping to have more interesting things to share in the upcoming week!

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Peter M said…
Patsy...a beautiful area...nice to know you were up here in Canada.

Come visit us in Toronto some day!
Patsyk said…
Peter - I will definitely let you know when we make it to Toronto! I was there around 15 years ago and loved the city!
My in-laws grew up in the area so this was a favourite haunt of theirs as well. Can you imagine them having met over a fish dinner many years ago:D
Kristen said…
Looks had you had a great time! And all that food looks delicious.
Hey Patsyk...came across ur wonderful blog while surfing fb.
Like ur easy to cook dishes n all those beautiful pics.
BTW dis lake looks soo awesome...sure u hd a g8 time.
Tagged u n will be bk for more.
M a cook cum fella blogger fm down under.

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