A Dessert Worth the Splurge! (Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie)

There aren't many recipes that I repeat over and over, but this one has been a frequent summer go-to dessert for me.  I first started making it when it appeared in the Cooking Light issue back in June 2002.  So simple to make and once you've tasted it, you'll be making it every chance you get!

Frozen desserts are so easy to make and are great as a make-ahead for those friends that might stop by on Friday night to share pizza with your family.  Make a couple of these Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pies and keep them in your freezer ready to serve - just in case!

Can't you just taste the creamy, peanut butter goodness?  With each bite, you get a special surprise - a bit of frozen banana that is sliced thin and covers the bottom of the pie. I usually pick up the Nilla Wafer ready-made crust, but this time used a graham cracker crust.  It was fine, but the Nilla wafer crust really compliments this pie much better. 

You can find the recipe at My Recipes right HERE.  Go get it NOW!  You won't regret it, and I bet you'll be making more than one of them to keep on hand to share with friends and family all summer long!

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Meghan said…
For the love of God woman!
For the love of God.
Shelby said…
I love this pie! Nobody could blame you for making it more often!
Jamie said…
Oh my this looks crazy good. I think my SIL, Aggie, made this last year and she loved it too. I will definitely be making this soon.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful pie. I can't imagine that it would stay in the freezer too long!

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