Chili's New Avocado Burger (review)

I'm a bit behind on this review... I received a gift card from the PR folks at WOMFire awhile back to go and try some new items on Chili's menu.  They introduced some new items that are focused on freshly prepared ingredients.  We like to go out on Friday nights and this was an opportunity to try something new.

While the three men in my family opted to go with their "usual" menu items... chicken crispers and fries... cheese quesadilla with corn on the cob (don't knock it, at least he chose a vegetable!).  I perused the menu in search of something new that would be worthy of sharing with the readers of my little ol' blog.  Here's what I chose:

Excuse the lack of focus as I took this with my phone.  Didn't remember to bring my little camera with us when we suddenly decided to go out for dinner.

The Avocado Burger is part of the Big Mouth Burger section of the menu.  What appealed to me was the fresh sliced avocado and the avocado ranch dressing that would top the burger.   The burger was tasty, but the dressing was hardly noticeable as far as taste goes, but the fresh avocado was a definite plus.  They could either leave the dressing off completely or put a little extra on so that the taste would come through.  It was prepared and cooked to order as requested. Now, these burgers have so much going on that they are going to be messy, so I'd suggest asking for extra napkins!

Overall, I enjoyed the burger, but it was much larger than what I can normally eat so I didn't finish it.  I have to save room for the fries, right?  I love Chili's fries... the seasoning keeps me going back for more... and it seems My Oldest feels the same way about them.

Besides the Big Mouth Burgers they have also added a new Asian Chicken Salad which is drizzled with a creamy peanut dressing.  I'm thinking that will be next on my list of items to try!

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Disclaimer:  Family, Friends and Food was provided with a Chili's gift card to cover the cost of dining in the restaurant.  I was asked to write an honest review and was not told what to write... it's all my own opinion in this post.

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Jamie said…
That burger is calling my name. I love a big hamburger with different toppings but I would probably only be able to eat half. I haven't been to Chili's in awhile. I'll have to check out their new items.
Meghan said…
Chili's is one of my fav chain restaurants.
I am partial to there Big Mouth Bites burgers.

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