Planting Flowers & Monster Pops

Soon as we get to May, it's time to head to the garden center!  I really don't have much of a green thumb, but I do love having flowers in pots on my front porch.  Just makes the house look so much prettier in the summer months.  I remember shopping for flowers with my mom each spring, and I would point out anything that looked pretty.  I didn't take into account how the colors and heights should work together... nope, I was all about a rainbow of colors!  My Dad always had us plant marigolds along the both sides of the sidewalk leading to our house.  Seems like within a few weeks those flowers would overtake the sidewalk!

This year I opted for these super cute purple daisy like flowers.  I know, I should know the proper names, but once I pull out the plastic name tag, the name goes out of my head as well.  Guess I wasn't meant to go into horticulture, huh?  Anyway, these are the flowers I couldn't resist this year.

I also decided to purchase a few small herb plants which I planted in a hanging basket.  Right now, I don't have a fence to keep out the wildlife that wanders through our yard  - deer, raccoons and who knows what else each night.  I didn't want to leave the pots on the ground and find out that all my home grown herbs would be eaten!

We had a particularly warm day on Sunday, so I wanted to do something fun for My Boys.  I had gotten these fun popsicle holders from Home Goods - they look like monsters!   So, I made some lemonade and filled them up.  A few hours in the freezer and we had homemade popsicles!  I always loved the popsicles My Mom made with her old Tupperware popsicle molds.  It was always so fun to have that treat every summer.

Yep, it was pink lemonade!  One of their favorite summertime drinks.  I think next time I'm going to make smoothies and freeze them in these cool popsicle holders.  Just looking at them makes you smile!

I just love this toothless smile!  The second front tooth fell out right before the spring school photos, which he was thrilled about! 

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Shelby said…
What beautiful flowers! Adorable boys! AND yummy homemade monster pops! I used to make my own pops when my boys were little too - I used all kinds of beverages - but my very favorite of my very own? Grape Kool-aid. LOL.
Jamie said…
I've been getting more into gardening this year. Never had a green thumb either. But I have some herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables growing. I had to put a fence around my plants to keep my dogs out. Cute popsicle makers and boys too!

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