Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club - Triple Fruit Scones

I'm very excited to be joining the wonderful bloggers who have been sharing meals via a Virtual Supper Club that focuses on using recipes from Cooking Light this month!  I was thrilled when Shelby (aka: Grumpy's Honey Bunch) emailed and asked if I would like to join them as two of their original members were unable to continue participating at this time.  I would have loved to have shared a virtual meal with Aggie and Helene, and perhaps they will be able to rejoin us down the road.

This month's theme is Mother's Day Brunch!   I chose to make Triple-Fruit Scones as my part of the brunch.  I must say that I've probably only eaten a scone once before, so I can't compare them to much.  I did find the recipe very easy to follow and discovered that they were easier to make than I thought they would be. 

 The scones were perfect right out of the oven, not dry as I've heard scones can sometimes be.  If you don't finish them the morning of your brunch, I highly recommend toasting them slightly and adding a bit of apricot preserves.  My Oldest loved these so much that he took a few as his snack to school. 

You can find the recipe at Cooking Light right HERE.

For the rest of our Mother's Day Brunch, please visit the links below... it's a menu filled with amazing dishes you will want to include on your own Mother's Day Brunch this weekend!

Shelby, Grumpy's Honey Bunch, made Waffles wiith Two Berry Syrup

Jamie, Mom's Cooking Club, made a Mushroom Fritatta

Val, More than Burnt Toast , made Sweet Potato and Candadian Bacon Hash

Sandi, Whistle Stop Cafe Cooking, made Grits Casserole with Pesto

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.
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Shelby said…
Welcome to VSC Patsy! I have never made scones either! I am glad these were a hit with your family and it is good to know they were not dry!
Aggie said…
Welcome to the group Patsy!! So happy you were able to join them, I am missing the club!

Your scones look so yummy! I have yet to attempt to bake them. Your photos make it less intimidating!
Cristine said…
I heart scones and yours look great!
Jo said…
These look great and I have difficulty finding scones that are not dry. Love the ones that are a bit cake like in texture.
Jamie said…
I have never made scones so thanks for picking and sharing this recipe. Perfect addition to our Mother's Day Brunch. Happy Mother's Day to you Patsy and welcome!
These are great looking scones and I love the combo of craisens and apricots that you used.
I think I have loved scones since birth Patsy. Thank you for joining our group and for bringing such a delicious dish to the table. Happy Mother's Day!!!
Scones are the perfect addition to our brunch. I am full (without wasting a single calorie)... unless you count all the grits with pesto butter I ate!
Thanks bunches!
Fruit...that makes these scones health food, right? Hehe.

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