Celebrating with Friends Good Food in Kansas City

I've mentioned this more than once here, but I'm very lucky to have My Friends!  We've known each other for more years than I will admit to the world.  We've been through the good, the bad and the ugly - with regard to hair, fashion and even boyfriends. We've watched each other get married and gotten excited over pregnancies and an adoption.  We love watching each others kids get bigger and bigger.

So, with a "milestone" birthday coming for most of us this summer, we decided it would be necessary to have a weekend together.  With one friend coming in all the way from Germany to be with her family, we decided it would be easiest to gather in our home town, Kansas City.  With that being our destination for the weekend, we were able to include a few friends who we haven't seen much since high school. 

Friday night six of us gathered at a friend's house to catch up and enjoy some munchies.  I made two different dips once I got into KC - Pottery Barn Dip and Italian Spinach Dip.  Overall, the Pottery Barn Dip was hardest to resist with My Friends, while My Family in KC preferred the Spinach Dip.  You can find the Pottery Barn Dip recipe at Sweetnick's HERE and the Italian Spinach Dip at the Kraft website HERE

What would 10 women who have known each for many years do to celebrate their birthdays?  Go out and experience the night life in their home town!  We started the evening with a limo ride to The Plaza.  One area that is so beautiful with historical architecture which is a "must see" when you visit.  We had dinner at reVerse which is this trendy looking restaurant in The Plaza.  We started with martinis and appetizers before moving on to the main course.  I had the Almond Crusted Tilapia and it was cooked perfectly and served with scalloped potatoes that had bacon hidden in between the layers. 

After a walk around the area to let dinner settle, we decided to try some adult shakes at Blanc Burgers and Bottles.  Since we were still in the early hours of the evening, most of us opted to share the $11 shakes that were spiked with alcohol.  I had the Key Lime Pie shake and it was amazing!  So creamy and the hit of alcohol was not too strong, so drinking a shake like this could be dangerous!  Even though we had already eaten dinner, we couldn't resist sampling the hand cut french fries.  They were so perfect and they even make their own ketchup and spicy dipping sauce.  And, how cute is it that they are served in a mini shopping cart?

The Kansas City nightlife has changed a bit since were going out and enjoying it.  Some areas are no longer the place to hang out for various reasons, while KC has added a new area called the Power & Light District in downtown.  Huge area dedicated to restaurants, bars and overall nightlife.  It was complete madness when we arrived due to an event that had been going on all day. 

Overall, it was a blast getting together with friends that I've known so long!  I am so happy that we were able to celebrate together and I imagine we will try to do it again - without so much time in between! 

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How much fun to get together with the girls and have a night out and in. Both of these dips sound droolworthy Patsy.
Dragon said…
Hope you've had a great time!
Cate O'Malley said…
oh man, those fries look so good!

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