Tasty Tidbits and The Boys of Spring

After the long, cold Winter we had I've been over-the-top happy about the Spring weather we've had recently.  More sunshine and the warmth definitely brightens my mood and inspires me to think I can accomplish more in a day than I do in the colder months.  It helps that we have longer days already, but the simple truth is that there are still the same number of hours in each day. 

Of course, the warmer days bring with them the start of little league baseball again!  Both of Our Boys are playing, which means two team schedules for practices and games.  After last week, I realized that the meal planning I do in the colder months (aka: less busy times) needs to be re-vamped to work with the much busier schedule that we have this time of year.

So, with a slightly less scheduled week coming up I am going to start searching for ideas on things I can make that fall into the "cook once, eat twice" category.  The recipes that allow you to make dinner one night, and the leftovers can turn into something different another night (and very quickly).  Any suggestion for tried-and-true recipes that fall into this category are welcomed!  Please do share!  As I re-vamp my meal planning for these busier times I will share what works and what doesn't - at least for us.

I found some fabulous recipes when I was blog-surfing over the last week... your mouth will be watering once you go visit these sites!

Recipegirl re-vamped a family recipe for Creamy Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas that looks like an excellent make-ahead meal for busy nights.  I just have to remember that on Sunday when I have more time to cook!

Shrimp is a quick cooking protein option for weeknight's and Shelby (AKA: Grumpy's Honeybunch) made a Thai Style Shrimp Pasta that looks so good I imagine there wouldn't be any leftovers!

The Lemon Chicken at Annie's Eats would be a great weekend dish that you could make and reheat or even slice up the leftovers and add into wraps or panini sandwiches on busy nights.

I'd love to hear about your quick meal ideas for those busy nights during the spring! 

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Shelby said…
I too am happy for the spring weather Patsy! Although for me it means mowing the yard and not baseball season (but then, my kids are all grown and no grandchildren yet!).

The Thai Shrimp Pasta dish was very, very yummy! I'm sure with a family eating (instead of 2!) there would be no leftovers! :o)
Shelby said…
P.S. I love leftovers so I have something to take to work for lunch the next day! lol. Grumpy likes something "new" each night for dinner. He's so spoiled!
RecipeGirl said…
Ah, thanks for the shout-out! How have you been? Busy, I suppose with two in baseball. You must be rushing from game-to-game. I love this time of year, but sometimes a Friday night game & then a Sunday morning game too is just a little much! Mine is pitching now so the games take a looooong time! Easy dinners are a must :)
I agree, so glad Spring is here!
Cate O'Malley said…
I totally hear you on the crazy weeknights this season. Between soccer, baseball and scouts - yikes!

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