Where Have I Been Lately?

I know, it's been quite awhile since I've posted... yep, like at least 3 weeks! I've never gone that long without something to share, but a lack of inspiration in the kitchen has kept me away... that, and a quick mini-vacation to Cancun last week!
Yes, in the midst of the Winter "blahs", we escaped to weather I've only been dreaming of since the first blast of Winter arrived back in early December.

It was a much needed chance to "un-plug" and spend some quality time together away from the everyday routine.  Even though our trip was short, we all enjoyed it quite alot and both of Our Boys want to go back so we can explore more next time.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort which was ideal from the viewpoint of not having to budget beyond the original purchase price for food and drinks.  While we were less than impressed with the sit-down restaurants... let's just say that one of the descriptions said the entree was served with a "gray" sauce.  When has a "gray" sauce ever been appetizing?  And, it takes a real "talent" to overcook a piece of fish AND serve it cold.  Yes, the sit-down restaurants were not high on our list of favorites during this trip. However, the service overall was pretty good and we were not without a drink in hand very often during our stay.  The buffet was the biggest hit with the kids, and the breakfast was my favorite meal of each day. 

I would say that an all-inclusive is a great idea when you have kids and are trying to get away on a budget.  Your food and drinks are included and if you have kids with the never ending "bottomless pit" for a stomach (like I do), this will make your life much easier.  Buffets seem to work out really well with the kids in general.  Our stay was very short, so I didn't have time to really get bored of the buffet and pool-side offerings. 

We spent our days split between the beach and the pool, where I find just watching the waves come in so relaxing that it allows me to really become calm and let go of the stresses of everyday life.  If only I could get away like this every other month or so!  Since that is not possible, I still have some fabulous memories and photos to allow me to "drift away" whenever needed.

Even though I was M.I.A. the last few weeks, my blog was not far from my thoughts.  I may be sharing some additional family friendly ideas beyond recipes and such.  I also plan to start sharing favorite blog posts again, there have been so many fabulous recipes and other family fun ideas that I have come across that I want to share them here as well.

So, I hope to not be away for so long again and that you'll pull up your chair and a cup of coffee and join me in some on-line conversation about family, friends, food & fun!

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.
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Shelby said…
Welcome back Patsy! You were missed! Sounds like you got some much needed relaxation time :) even if the food wasn't the greatest part, the family time sounds like it was worth it! ....and the drinks! ;)
Jamie said…
Sounds like a great getaway Patsy. The ocean and water is so relaxing, so peaceful. It's a great way to recharge. Welcome back!
Glad you had the chance to get away, even for a short jaunt. The idea of a vacation in Mexico sounds pretty great to me right about now!

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