Brown Butter Banana Bread

Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my food blogging friends when I went to the Scharffenberger Chocolate event in NYC.  Of course, Jennifer is the one who hooked me up with the invite to the event and I have such fond memories of that day and meeting Jacques Pepin.  Jennifer writes the blog, In Jennie's Kitchen.  She makes so many fabulous recipes and as soon as I saw her post for her Brown Butter Banana Banana Nut Muffins, I just knew I'd have to use her recipe to make banana bread soon!

Well the opportunity to get back in the kitchen and bake finally presented itself on Sunday.  Thank goodness because I am sure some of you were wondering what happened to me last week.  Oh, I was cooking, but nothing interesting enough to share.  Just good old stand-by meals that make everyone happy and don't require following a written recipe.  So I was happy to have some new inspiration come through a friend!

I've used browned butter in a chocolate cookie recipe before and the flavor really can't be beat when adding it to this bread.  I liked that this recipe was different than my usual recipe which has the addition of orange rind and juice in it. This bread has the nutty, rich taste from the brown butter and it takes it to a whole new level.

My Oldest and I loved this bread and it will definitely be making another appearance since I always seem to have an abundance of bananas hanging around.  Please go visit In Jennie's Kitchen for the full recipe HERE.  I'm sure you'll find a few other recipes you'll want to try while you are there!

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Jamie said…
I'm always looking for new ways to make banana bread because I always have bananas that go overripe that I need to use. But, it's a perfect excuse because I love banana bread.
Like Jamie, Im always on the lookout for new banana recipes. This one look really tasty
Megan said…
I'm not a huge banana bread person but this sounds really good!
Cate O'Malley said…
Looks like the perfect way to start the morning off right - yum!
Shelby said…
I think browned butter adds so much flavor - I need to remember to try this next time I have bananas that need to be used!
Cristine said…
Yum! I am bookmarking this one!
Jen_from_NJ said…
I have been in the mood for some banana bread. This sounds perfect!
Patsyk said…
Can't go wrong with this banana bread recipe! Hope you each get a chance to try it!
rental mobil said…
delicious food,
i will try it

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