Simplicity = Roasted Garlic!

 I can't remember how long ago it was when I first tasted the buttery goodness of roasted garlic.  What I do know is that it's one of the most addictive things you can make and add to a slice of crusty French bread.

Last weekend, we were invited to hang out with friends for the evening so we wanted to bring garlic bread and a dessert (a post that is coming later in the week!).   We picked up some garlic bread from Costco... but, as My Husband started thinking about making the garlic bread, he asked how to make roasted garlic.

We have one of those cute little garlic roasters... somewhere in the house.  I imagine I've put it away somewhere in the back of a cabinet simply because we weren't using it much and it was taking up space.  But, you know what?  You don't need a special contraption to make roasted garlic!

Look at how gorgeous those heads of garlic look!  A simple process of slicing off the tops of the garlic and drizzling with just a  little bit of olive oil.  They were roasted at 400 degrees on a piece of aluminum foil.  It took about 30 minutes or so for the garlic to become slightly golden and buttery enough to spread on toasted bread slices.

Roasting garlic makes the flavor more mellow.  You could serve it as shown in the photo or spread on smaller slices of a baguette as appetizers for a dinner party.  Adding another layer of flavor by topping the bread slices with brushetta or a small slice of proscuitto or pancetta would dress it up even more.

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Barbara Bakes said…
I haven't roasted garlic for a long while. Thanks for reminding me how much I love it!
Cate said…
Barely 8:30 am and that picture is making me salivate - love roasted garlic - delish!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this simple, but delicious item.
I have made a great savory flan with roasted garlic.
Aggie said…
Roasted garlic is amazing! I had it for the first time at my college graduation lunch at an Italian restaurant...I loved it! It's one of my favorite things!
Sandie said…
Heaven help me, I LOVE roasted garlic. I make it at least twice a week through the grilling months (just seems to go with those kinds of dinners), but during the winter season I often forget for some reason. You're right though---big perks for such little work!
Robin said…
Patsy that does look gorgeous. I love simple rustic dishes as this, it reminds me of Europe. Now some good wine and company and I am set!
Patsyk said…
I felt the same way... something so easy, and yet I hardly think about making it! It's hit the table a couple more times since that post!

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