Healthier Mini Meatloaves

 A few weeks ago, My Oldest decided he wanted to have meatloaf.  An interesting request, and since it's not something I normally make I made a "mental" note of it and pushed it to the side for a bit.  I remember eating meatloaf when I was growing up, I think everyone had some version of it with ketchup topping it off.  I think it was usually served with mashed potatoes.  Something about that combination seems, well... kind of "right".

I've been incoporating more healthy recipes into our weekly meals and picked up a copy of EatingWell 500-Calorie Dinners Cookbook recently.  I plan to do a full review of it after I make a couple more recipes, but so far I'm enjoying the book.  Which leads me to how we ended up making a healthy version of meatloaf!

As I was paging through and marking recipes to try, I noticed a pretty simple, yet lightened up version of meatloaf made in a muffin tin.  The meatloaf is made into portions ahead of time!  A fabulous way to ensure that you only eat the amount you want without going over your calorie needs for the day.  I also liked that it was just plain ketchup poured on top of the mini-meatloaves, it was kicked up by adding Worcestershire sauce (can anyone really say that word without tripping over their tongue?).

Since My Oldest was the one who wanted meatloaf, I enlisted him as the main "chef" for dinner that night.  I gathered the ingredients and helped him with the measurements, but the mini meatloaves were really prepared entirely by him.  And, he was so proud!  He has learned how wonderful it feels to make something and share it with the family ... and, have them enjoy it!  Yes, this recipe was a hit with all of us and we'll be making it again... or rather My Oldest will be making it again as it is now on his list of recipes that he can make for us.  I love that he has become so interested in cooking lately.

The only change I had to make to the recipe was to use 1/2 turkey breast and 1/2 lean ground beef because I couldn't get ground pork at my grocery store the day I went.  The place was a madhouse and the meat counter was too busy for me to bother waiting for my turn.  Next time, I do think we'll try it with the combination of three meats to see how we like it that way, but if you can't do it that way making this slight change will work with great results.

Eating Well has posted the full recipe on their site, so I am referring you there for the recipe (click HERE).  Give it a try, you may decide you enjoy this version of meatloaf better than the traditional one.

The link above for the cookbook will take you to Amazon where you can find out more about the cookbook and purchase if you choose to.  I receive a small referral fee if you decide to purchase the book.

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MaryMoh said…
This is the frist time I see such cute meat loaves. they look very delicious. Great idea to use a muffin tin to bake them. For your info, you can adjust setting to your comment box to allow for 'Name/URL' so that more people will leave comments.
Shelby said…
Looks yummy! We love meatloaf in our home. I don't make meatloaf often enough and its really a shame because I love it in sandwiches for my lunch the next day!

P.S. I should be back to SU by this weekend! Yay! I am supposed to get my laptop back tomorrow :)
tiny homes said…
These are cute meatloaves! This is what my kids I like! So cute!
Michele said…
They look great! I love things that are already portioned out. Something so cute about them. It's so nice that your son did this for the family. I really believe it's important to get kids in the kitchen. I don't have any kids of my own but I try to involve my sister's kids when we are all together. They love the helping but don't like the tasting so much. I'm still working on it though!
Aggie said…
I really enjoy Eating Well recipes. These little meatloaves look so good! I bet my kids would try them...I haven't made meatloaf in a while. Thanks for sharing the recipe! The picture is making me hungry!
Megan said…
I love little meatloafs. these loob excellent. And how cool to have your son in the kitchen with you. Better yet, he's making the dinner!
Jen_from_NJ said…
Your future chef did a great job - good for him! I love that these are individual portions - perfect for calorie control. They look delicious!
Patsyk said…
Thanks, everyone! Yes, he has taken on helping in the kitchen much more lately and really enjoys it! So, who knows what the future will hold... at a minimum he'll be able to cook for himself one day!

I loved that they were portioned out already. And, I'm looking forward to trying more EW recipes!
Cate O'Malley said…
So cute - love the mini size!
Anonymous said…
You sweet darling you... WOW, thank you for thinking of me P = ) ..... I didn't expect it.. and your are the first girl I ever got a v-day card from... hehe "wink"

How are you? How are the boys?

april marie
teresa said…
these are so cute and look delicious! what a great way to lighten up a wonderful meal!
Jamie said…
I love these little meatloaf bites. I've been wanting to make meatloaf in a muffin pan. I'm going to check out this recipe. We love meatloaf with mashed potatoes. I actually have meatloaf on my menu plan this week.
Patsyk said…
Cate - I know they are cute, aren't they! I know we'll be making these again next week since they were such a hit.

April Marie - Glad it made it to you! Wasn't sure how long it would take to get there. They boys are doing great!

teresa - I've always hesitated to make meatloaf because I couldn't find a "good" lighter version. This one certainly fit the bill!

Jamie - let me know if you try them! Too funny how we like to pair certain foods together like meatloaf and mashed potatoes!

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