Flavorful Baked Tilapia

 A few weeks ago, My Oldest made a request.  He asked if we could have fish at least once a week.  How could I say no to a request like that?  Asking for something healthy and adding variety to our "usual" meals of the last few months... of course, we can do this!

So, I made a trip to the grocery store on my lunch break because I have this thing about buying fish the day I intend to serve it for dinner.  I just like it to be as close to super fresh as possible.  The preparation of the fish is really so simple, yet it has plenty of flavor and makes for a satisfying protein to go with a salad.

 There really isn't a recipe to go along with this, but you need to have some key ingredients.  Start by squeezing the juice of half a lemon over about a pound of tilapia fillets.  Then, I sprinkled a seasoning mix I purchased from O & Co. a few months ago, salt and herb  mix for fish.  This seasoning mix has sea salt and a blend of herbs that tastes like spring it's so refreshing.  Lastly, I drizzled just a bit of olive oil over each fillet before putting into a 425 degree oven.  It took about 15 minutes for the tilapia to cook completely.

I served mine over sweet baby greens and a bit of oil & vinegar salad dressing.  The rest of the family had theirs with some rice pilaf and creamed spinach.   There was NOT A SPECK left of the fish tonight!  Some nights I have fish leftover, but not tonight!  This is a quick and easy meal for a weeknight and definitely kid-friendly!

 Note:  as stated in my post, I purchased the O & Co. seasoning blend and am sharing it here because I love the product.  There was no compensation from O & Co. involved.

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Deborah said…
I really need to start eating fish once a week. And this sounds fabulous!
Shelby said…
I really love fish but don't make it often enough. I really should make it a point to do so. Your dinner sounds delicious Patsy!
Aggie said…
What a great request! I love it when my kids eat fish. What a simple way to cook it!

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