Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls

 Something sweet is the best way to end a meal with friends, right?  I think so!  I was looking for something simple that I could make and share with friends last weekend... when I suddenly remembered a detailed post by Pioneer Woman when the famous Bakerella visited her ranch and demonstrated her Cupcake Pops.

 Now, I'm still working on my decorating abilities, so I opted for the simpler version that Bakerella first shared on her site for Red Velvet Cake Balls.  I chose to use a chocolate cake mix rather than red velvet.  I know there are many people out there who will knock doing this, but there are times when using a mix is completely justified.  This is one of those times.

The simplicity of making this is really beyond words.  It does take a bit of time to form the balls and then to dip them, but really there are about 4 actual steps to making them (refer to the recipe shown on the link for Bakerella's site above).

During the holidays we often trade tins of goodies with our neighbors.  This year, two of our neighbors made versions of these cake balls with additional add-ins that took them up a notch further.  One of them added in crushed mint Oreos and I must tell you... they were REALLY hard to resist!  Sssshhh... I didn't actually share those with the family!  The other made them without the mint, and My Boys would have eaten a whole tray of them if we had them... thank goodness she didn't fill the entire tin with them!  I'm still working off the fabulous holiday treats they gave us as we speak... but, they were so worth it!

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Anonymous said…
This looks great have you been?
Heidi said…
I've made cake balls with a chocolate cake mix, but red velvet sounds heavenly! Everyone always loves cake balls! I want to try a carrot cake mix with cream cheese icing dipped in white chocolate next time.
Jamie said…
These are so cool looking. And there is nothing wrong with cake mix. I have made many tasty desserts using a cake mix.
Alison said…
Lovely!! I appreciate that you have so many chocolate recipes on your blog. :) Just found it, and I'm looking forward to looking around!
Shelby said…
LOVE the photo Patsy!
Patsyk said…
April Marie - checked your blog and couldn't be more excited for you to be going back to law school!

Heidi - I think your carrot cake idea sounds amazing!

Jamie - I love how you can dress up cake mix and make it more special.

Alison - thanks so much! Hope to see you here more often!

HoneyB - thanks!!!!
Unknown said…
I've made cake balls too, love experimenting with them. I'm sure you're going to try many other variations too!
Patsyk said…
Avanika - I am thinking I may have to make them again for my son's upcoming birthday. The kids should love them!
Patsyk said…
Avanika - I am thinking I may have to make them again for my son's upcoming birthday. The kids should love them!
Sophie said…
They look great! I love cake, but I think I'd take these over a slice any day. They're lovely and perfect for Valentine's :).

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