10 in '10 - Week 4

I know I’m a couple days late in getting my 10 in ’10 Healthy Challenge post up… but, we had a busy weekend and I never seem to write my posts ahead of time these days. Anyway, last week was good as far as my goals are concerned.

Got a good workout in 5 out of 7 days and even had a session with a personal trainer on Thursday. Of course, I paid for that for another 2 days, but did manage to get back on the treadmill on Saturday to try to walk it out a bit. I’ll be adding this session 2 to 3 times a week going forward. Building muscle is so important while trying to drop a few pounds and for keeping bones healthy as I get older… I have a small frame so that is something I have to be concerned about.

Since I sit at a desk all day for my job, getting up and moving throughout the day is something I have to remember to do. I can get caught up in what I’m working on and before I know it, I haven’t gotten up in a really long time. I’m going to work on getting up at least once an hour just to take a quick walk to stretch and get a few more steps in during the day.

I kept my portions in check last week, even though you have seen several sweet treat posts recently. I have a sweet tooth, and while most days I can manage to skip them… I can’t promise to never have them. Because if I say I can’t have sweets at all, then I will ‘NEED’ them every day. Trying to keep everything in moderation and not go overboard on any one thing.

Over the weekend we took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch as a treat since we never take them there. We had one extra cheesey pizza, which is cut into smaller pieces than a traditional pizzeria. So, my 2 pieces were more like one if we had gone somewhere else… but, the success moment was deciding that I was satisfied and not going for a 3rd piece just so we wouldn’t be leaving too much to be thrown out. I did think about it, but really didn’t want it all that much (and the pizza isn’t that good there anyway).

For the upcoming week, I did make a “loose” menu plan using some cookbooks I’ve borrowed from the library recently. Some healthy recipes that don’t look light… but, use ingredients in different quantities to satisfy and not encourage overeating.

Overall, these changes are helping in small increments. I’ve got a ways to go still, but I’ll take whatever small dips I see each week. Summer will be coming before I know it (it’s wishful thinking since I prefer warmer temperatures) and I’ll want to feel good baring my arms and legs to the world … even if they are white as can be, if I feel like they look good I’ll be happy with that.

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RecipeGirl said…
Sounds like you're doing great! The whole idea is to develop a mindset where you're thinking about eating normally & making good choices, without indulging. Deprivation never works so I'm glad you're having pizza & making occasional baked goods. We are food lovers after all, right??

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