10 in '10 - Week 2

 So, I'm heading into week 2 of the 10 in '10 challenge that I mentioned last week.  How did the first week go?

I worked out 5 out of 7 days this week, and am going to start working with the personal trainer at the gym next week.  I needed to get back to where I should be with my cardio workouts before I could get myself "ready" for adding strength training.  I know that working with a PT will definitely push me to work harder in the gym.  It's way too easy to stick to the same exercises each workout and get "comfortable".  When that starts to happen it's time to change things, and I know that she will make me do that at least every two weeks.

As you may have noticed from the posts this week, I've been incorporating more healthful meals.  I've added salads to my weeknight meals and have skipped the pasta a couple of those nights all together.  Another change I've done is to pack my lunch and snacks each day and take them to work with me.  This puts me more in control of the number of calories that I take in during the day.

These small changes feel good and I've seen a small dip in the number on the scale.  I'm happy with that because slow and steady is the best way to reach my goal.  Ideally, that will also enable me to maintain it once I get there.

So, week 1 was good and I plan to incorporate more changes next week.  For me, I think change a few things at a time gives me a better chance at success than an all-or-nothing mentality.  Next week, I hope to see another dip in the number at the scale and my energy level to continue to increase!

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Patsy, you are so right. Small changes are the best. We should not overwhelm ourselves 'cause that can lead to anxiety and icky feelings. We need to always do our best, change WILL happen. The slower things change and they will, the better your overall habits will become :)
Megan said…
Baby steps is what I say! makes it more doable for me. Keep up the good work Patsy!
Megan said…
Baby steps is what I say! makes it more doable for me. Keep up the good work Patsy!
Great job with Ten in '10. It's not realistic to make a ton of changes at once, so a few small changes at a time will lead to lasting lifestyle changes. Keep it up!!

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