10 in '10 - week 1

Well, here it is January 2, 2010 and I have begun my quest for a fitter and more fabulous me this year.  When my blogging friend, Lori (aka: Recipegirl), put together a 10 week challenge to incorporate healthy habits in 2010 I knew this would be something I should get in on right away (for full details, visit Recipegirl HERE).
So, every Saturday I will check in and share what I've done during the past week to stick to my goals.  What exactly are my goals?  Well, the new decade for everyone also ushers in a new decade in my life as well.  I'm not too worried about the number so much as I'd like to feel more fabulous as I get closer to it. To do this, I've already begun increasing my exercise routine and watching portion sizes. I set a realistic goal of 10 pounds in 10 weeks.  Once the 10 weeks is up, I'll revise my goals and continue working on getting to where I want to be.

I am really lucky that where I work has a full gym with personal trainers available whenever we want them.  I've been a sporadic user of the gym over the past year and it's time to stop coming up with excuses.  It's free and My Boys prefer that I pick them up a bit later from their afterschool program so that buys me an hour of workout time most days of the week.  So, no more excuses I will be hitting the gym at the end of the workday at least 3-4 times a week.  I have to allow myself a little bit of leeway due to kids activities, so I'll also be working out on Saturday and Sunday when we are home.

I'm already feeling better after being more active over the past week while I was home with My Boys.  I am realistic and know that it will take time to get to where I want to be.  The other piece is really watching portion sizes.  I know when I stick to reasonable portion sizes I feel better and walk away from the table feeling satisfied rather than stuffed.

We went out to lunch today to a restaurant I love, but rather than order my usual cheese enchiladas I opted for a steak and bleu cheese salad with dressing on the side.  When I order the enchiladas, I tend to get carried away and eat every last bite because they are so good.  The salad was probably 4 cups of lettuce with maybe 1/2 cup of bleu cheese scattered throughout.  Restaurant portions are beyond huge and as soon as I got my salad I mentally noted how much I intended to eat and then had the rest packaged up.

So, while I wasn't over-joyed by what the scale showed this morning, I know I am making some healthy changes that will have a positive impact on me in the coming weeks and months.  Slow and steady will win the race as they say.

I'm planning my week ahead of time so that I will know where my calories are going to be "spent" ahead of time.  That will make it so much easier to stay on track throughout the week.

What healthy changes are you making in 2010?

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Heidi said…
Good Luck !! My healthy change is to cut out peanut butter. I go crazy and can't stop eating it once I start!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays Patsy!!!!
Shelby said…
Good Luck Patsy! I have started a new workout regimen and am going to continue to try to eat healthy. :o)
Anonymous said…
Best of luck. It's thought that once a person makes a resolution public, then they're more likely to stick to it, so you've started out well. :)

I plan to cut back on sugar, which is difficult for me as I like to bake a lot. This just means I'll be giving away lots more baked goods rather than eating them.
RecipeGirl said…
I've got too many goals to mention, but the biggest one in terms of diet is to cut out white sugar/flour/potato/rice as much as possible. Yesterday I made a chocolate cake using oat flour. It was a big hit at my FIL's bday! I need to watch portion sizes as well. When I was really successful in losing weight before, I pretty much did the same thing but at dinnertime I always made myself an extra large salad and then gave myself a small portion of whatever the main dish was. I was satisfied that way. A glass of milk really fills me up at dinner too (instead of wine!!)
Best of luck in the challenge- you have the right mindset going into this!
Jamie said…
Happy New Year Patsy! Wishing you all the best in 2010 and good luck with your exercise goals. I have similar goals. Exercise more (I don't really exercise at all) and watch portion sizes. It's all about moderation for me. Looking forward to what you share with us in 2010.

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