Martha's Rocky Ledge Bars

Every once in awhile, rather than baking individual cookies I decide to bake bar cookies instead.  I like that I can bake them up in a pan and they are done reasonably faster than a sheet full of cookies.  So, last weekend when I was planning to bake a couple different cookie recipes, I added a bar cookie from Martha Stewart's Cookies book. 

The Rocky Ledge Bars appealed to me because they included so many add-ins that I knew My Boys would enjoy them.  The only one I didn't put in was the caramel candies - mainly because I knew My Youngest would completely avoid the taste-test if they were in them.  Not sure how anyone can turn down the gooey, yummy caramel but, he can. 

So, with a basic cookie bar dough as the base, these bars have marshmallows, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chips and butterscotch chips in them.  How can you go wrong with all these irresistable treats packed into them?

From Family, Friends and Food

My Oldest LOVED these bars and so did I!  My Youngest was turned off by the butterscotch chips, which made My Oldest just as happy ... as he says "Just makes more for me!".  He's a happy boy!

Very easy to make and they make quite a treat to share with family and friends.  They would even be a nice treat to add to the cookie trays this time of year.

The recipe can be found HERE on Martha's website. 

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Shelby said…
Patsy - your bars look yummier than the ones on Martha's page!
I think these bars are calling my name, family will go crazy over these! I like making cookie bars because it's quick and easy.
Leslie said…
I totally agree that bar cookies are soooooo much faster thank individual cookies!
Looks like some oooeeeyyy goooeeeyyy goodness!
Cajun Chef Ryan said…
Got milk??? Getting my glass ready when these bars are done!

Deborah said…
I agree - bar cookies are much easier. These sound wonderful!

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