Thanksgiving: The Turkey & the Side Dishes

As you can see, our Thanksgiving meal was a huge feast:
From Family, Friends and Food
Which began with the rather large turkey that I bought.  My Husband did an amazing job carving it - don't you think?
From Family, Friends and Food

I also revisited the Spinach and Turkey Puffs that I made not too long ago (recipe HERE).  You might notice that they look a little different than they did the first time I made them.  I found that cutting the puff pastry dough into 4 pieces and then folding the dough over the filling in a triangle shape they work out much better.  The amount of dough is not overwhelming and it puffs up much better this way.  I used a fork to seal the edges and make them look "finished" before popping them into the oven.
From Family, Friends and Food
I also made the Sweet Potato Casserole (post HERE) again, which was a big hit - especially with My Boys and My Husband.  It's always nice to be able to make something you know will be loved when you make it again.

Another favorite dish was the stuffing My Mom-in-Law makes and it was moist and delicious.  It's even better when you reheat it for leftovers.  I was able to get the "method" from my Mom-in-Law and will share the recipe with you today.  If you don't have a favorite stuffing, give this one a try! 

Source:  Mom K.

1 3/4 loaves of white bread (crust removed and oven dried, but not toasted) - large or family size loaves
4-5 large Costco or Sam's Corn Muffins (dried out, just make sure they are not "fresh" moist)
1 1/2 large green bell pepper - finely chopped
7 stalks of celery - finely chopped
1 large onion - finely chopped
3 tablespoons margarine (approximately)
4 eggs
about 16 ounces of chicken broth
Bell's Seasoning
margarine - cut into slices

Cut bread and muffins into chunks and place into a large bowl.

Melt butter in a large skillet and add green bell pepper, celery and onion.  Saute until softened, but not browned.

Beat eggs in a bowl, then add the chicken broth.  Add the veggies to the bread, then pour the eggs & broth over that mixture.  Mix well and sprinkle generously with salt, then add the Bell's Seasoning - mix it in as you sprinkle it into the mixture.  Most of the box will be used.  Add more broth to ensure the mixture is moist.

Spray a baking pan (9x13 inch baking pan works well) with cooking spray, then add the mixture.  Place slices of margarine over the top of it. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Right before baking, add a bit more broth to the stuffing. 

If you have a turkey roasting, you can use a baster to add from the broth to the stuffing.  Also, if keeping warm it will be necessary to add more broth to keep it moist.

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Great looking meal...your husband did aperfect carving job on that bird! It all looks delicious, Patsy.
Leslie said…
What a wonderful dinner!

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