Thanksgiving: Sweet Potato Casserole from Cooking Light

First, a note of Thanks to all those who serve in our military. We should remember to thank them for all they do whenever we get the chance and not just on Veteran's Day.

In case you aren't aware (and I'd be surprised if you weren't) one of the biggest food holidays is coming in just a couple of weeks - Thanksgiving! Images of tables filled with all the traditional food come to mind whenever I think of the feast we look forward to each year. This year will be slightly different for us because I am hosting! I am actually very excited to be hosting our family here in NJ for one of my favorite holidays. So, the cookbooks, food magazines and notepads are out and I'm planning like crazy!

I'm fortunate that I don't have to prepare every single dish we'll be enjoying, so I'm also making notes as to what to ask each person to bring along. I've always been one to believe that a family meal is even more enjoyable when each person brings something to the table (literally) that is their specialty. I've already asked My Mother-in-Law to bring her stuffing as it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. Other famly members will be asked to bring along sides and perhaps a dessert or two. I love having many choices on the table... which also means some amazing leftovers to enjoy for the next few days.

Since I am "ahead" of schedule for the moment, I decided to test a sweet potato recipe I found at Cooking Light. One of My Husband's favorite holiday dishes is sweet potatoes topped with none other than the required marshmallows. So, I've been trying to figure out how to make them, and this recipe solved all of my old "issues" with making them in the past! Thank you, Cooking Light!
With this recipe, I didn't have the problem I've had with the potatoes becoming very watery after baking. You cook the sweet potatoes, then mash them together with the other ingredients. Which, I felt, created the ideal solution to the watered down version I had made years ago.

This dish was an overall thumb's up with all members of my family (although, My Youngest mostly ate the marshmallows and couldn't be convinced of the sweet, yumminess of the sweet potatoes - he's a tough one). I've already added this to my Thanksgiving menu for this year.

If you would like to see the full recipe, head over to Cooking Light, and it can be found HERE.

Or if you are searching for some quick and easy ideas for what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner that is being hosted by someone else... visit Sprout for Parents for my latest post that shares some ideas that won't take a huge amount of time and the kids can even help you make them!
What are you making this year? Would love to hear some other great ideas!

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Michele said…
Yummy! I made mashed sweet potatoes last night and added a little Trader Joe's agave syrup, butter and salt. It was so good. I could top the leftovers with some marshmallows! Thanks for the idea!
Shelby said…
Yummy Patsy! You know I have never ever made sweet potato casserole??! Maybe I will do it for our Christmas dinner this year (since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving!)
I love, love, love sweet potatoes! Love them. Marshmallows too. There's nothing about this dish that would prevent me from digging in if it were being passed around the Thanksgiving table.
Lisa Manzi said…
I'm so disappointed I can't be at your Thanksgiving, but while we're eating our sweet potatoes I'll be thinking of you!! I'm making this recipe, looks perfect!
Karine said…
amazing way to enjoy sweet potatoes! Thanks for sharing :)
Jamie said…
One of my favorite side dishes at Thanksgiving. I also make it with marshmallows on top. YUM!

I really love all the foods at Thanksgiving. I'm going to make my brie that's on my site right now, another Cooking Light recipe.

Enjoy hosting your family Thanksgiving!
Christy said…
This is my absolute favorite side dish at Thanksgiving! Your casserole looks delicious and makes me hunger for those sweet potatoes.
Anonymous said…
This sounds lovely, esp on a cold fall day, I have not had this since... I was ... gosh it was too long ago.
Deborah said…
Mmmm, can't wait for Thanksgiving!!
Anonymous said…
Your site is really good and the posts are just wonderful. Thank you and keep doing your great work.

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