Thanksgiving: Dessert - Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie

After our wonderful Thanksgiving feast, we finished it off with brownies, Nutella pound cake and Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie!  Can you imagine a more perfect way to conclude the feast we had?

I made the pie, and it was a great opportunity for me to use my cute leaf pie stamps!  I am still "pie challenged" when it comes to crimping crust and these little tools make my pies look so much prettier! 

From Family, Friends and Food
This pie is a little bit more work than other traditional pies, but it is so very worth it!  Once you've got the pie crust baked and cooled, you can start working on the other components.  Next is the "black bottom" which consists of a mixture of cornstarch, sugar, cocoa and salt.  This is all whisked together on the stovetop while milk is slowly added.  It gets slightly thickened, then you pour it into the crust you've already baked.

From Family, Friends and Food
Next, you make the custard and this part takes a little patience.  You must stir constantly with a whisk to ensure that the ingredients are fully combined as they come to a boil.  Then, you keep whisking while you wait for it to thicken up - this part shouldn't take very long. 

After the custard mixture is combined with the cream cheese, you put slices of a banana on top of the chocolate.  The custard is then poured on top of the bananas.  The pie is then put into the fridge for at least 4 hours before adding the cool whip and chocolate shavings. 

From Family, Friends and Food
This pie is ALWAYS a hit, and is actually from Cooking Light!  It's not too hard on the calorie count, and it tastes like a decadent treat.  I've had this recipe for quite awhile... it was first published back in November of 1998.  You can find the recipe HERE on Cooking Light's website. 

From Family, Friends and Food
Don't forget that the next Great Big Pie Bake-Off Round-up is coming soon... the theme is Holiday Celebration Pies and the posting date is December 14th!  Be sure to head over to the Great Big Pie Bake-Off blog for all the details on how to submit your entry!

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Oh my, I would so love to dive into this pie!
Cate said…
What a gorgeous crust!
Ashley said…
Just discovered this site. Love the pie and am in awe of the detail work on the crimping. Great job! We tried a new banana recipe this weekend, made it for my son.
Jamie said…
Your pie crust is so pretty. Actually, the whole pie looks so good. I am totally pie challenged. What a way to end your Thanksgiving meal. Hope you had a nice day.
LaDue & Crew said…
Oh Patsy, that looks awesome! I want a piece now!

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