Brussels Sprouts with Pecans from Cooking Light

Sometime last year while I was shopping at my favorite produce market, I decided it was time to try Brussels sprouts. I vaguely recall not liking them as a kid, but honestly can't tell you much else about them. I was also a bit of a picky eater, if it didn't look good I wasn't eating it... and honestly, when you look at these little tiny cabbages they are kinda funny looking. Of course, now I'm an adult and love finding new foods to try, so last year I made Brussels Sprouts with Bacon (of course, anything with bacon HAS to be good) and I tried a simple saute of them that was enjoyed by both My Husband and myself (recipe HERE).

So, when I saw them appear in my produce market again this year I decided it was time to reintroduce my kids to them. This time I went with a recipe I found on Cooking Light, Brussels Sprouts with Pecans.

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The twist on this recipe was the addition of sugar which helped amp up the kid-friendly factor. I didn't find the sugar too overpowering at 1 1/2 tablespoons, it was just enough to add a touch of sweet. The combination of the softened Brussels sprouts and the crunchy pecans was nice and made me want to keep going back for more.

If you haven't tried Brussels sprouts since you were a kid, go ahead... try them again! Here are some more recipes that may entice you:

Dinners for a Year and Beyond - Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Sweetnicks - Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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These spouts look so good, Patsy...I love them, but my husband does not, so he has turned everyone else against them! So, I wait until I'm home alone and cook them just for me! :)
Megan said…
I have ALWAYS loved little cabbages. My brothers use to joke when I was younger that my favorite food was chocolate dipped brussel sprouts. I would always get excited when we has this veggie Unfortunatly, no one in my household likes them now but me so I dont make them very often (once in a blue moon). I wonder if adding the sugar would change my familys mind. Thanks for the recipe.
Shelby said…
I never liked brussel sprouts - but haven't tried them (as you state) since I was a kid! I really should try them - the recipe looks great!
Sarah said…
It's funny--I don't think my mom ever made brussels sprouts. Maybe my dad didn't like them? But I grew up thinking I didn't like them just because no one else did. Now they are one of my favorite veggies!
Lisa and I both didn't think much of Brussel sprouts until about a year or so, but if they're prepared well, they're really good! - John
Cate O'Malley said…
I only rediscovered them recently - adding your recipe to my list - looks delish!
Jen_from_NJ said…
This is my favorite recipe for brussels sprouts! It can definitely convert the sprouts haters! Delicious!

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