Halloween Eats & Treats: Cheesenstein

Hi! Anyone still out there? Sorry for the lack of posting last week, but we were gearing up for a Halloween Party last night! The party was an overall success and I think we are going to make it an annual tradition - especially since both of Our Boys asked if we could do it every year. How could I say now to these spooky boys?

While preparing for the party, I was searching for fun food ideas and came across so many creative ways to make food spooky. I ended up selecting a few specific things I knew I could accomplish without making myself too crazy.

I made Mummy Dogs, which are extremely simple to make and there are tons of versions of them all over the internet. I didn't remember to get a photo of them before the kids dug in, but they did turn out cute. The kids gobbled them up faster than you can imagine.

We had asked some parents to stay and enjoy some grown-up food as well. When I saw a recipe for a Cheesenstein over at Taste of Home's website (HERE), I just had to make it! Now mine is a little different because I couldn't see buying a parsnip just to pull slices for the eyes. So, my creepy cheeseball came out cool, but a bit different from their version.

The process of making the cheeseball is very simple, so I did that on Friday night. Saturday, I tinted the whipped cream cheese green using the Wilton gel color - Moss Green. Chopping the black olives took the most time. The biggest problem I had was getting the cucumber to stay on for his nose. After Cheesenstein went back in the fridge to chill it stayed on better.

The flavor of the cheeseball was good, but it took some coaxing to get anyone to dig in since they didn't realize he wasn't just a decoration! You could use your favorite cheeseball recipe for this creation.

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman. If you want to use something please ask first.

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RecipeGirl said…
Looks so cute! I can see why no one wanted to dig into his head. I'll bet it was great fun!! Hope you'll stop by tomorrow for "Trick-or-Eat" where a bunch of bloggers will have decorated their blogs haunted house style for Halloween foodie ideas!
Shelby said…
How fun for the kids (and really the adults too!)
Anonymous said…
Hey there... I am so glad your party went off without a hitch!!!!!!
Jamie said…
Love the costumes...how fun. I love the cheese ball. What a cute idea. I'm making mummy dogs for my daughters birthday/halloween party this Friday. They are always a big hit.
Christy said…
Patsy-your cheeseball is just too cute! That's perfect for kids of all ages.
Henrietta said…
Your little ones are all ready for Halloween! Great costumes and I love your Cheesenstein! I'll have to try that sometime! Thanks so much for the Tablespoon giveaway!
Megan said…
Very cute Patsy. I love the little guy! :)
Unknown said…
What a cute idea!

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