What's For Dinner Wednedays: East Meets West Burgers

When I was growing up, the barbeque grill was primarily My Dad's domain. We would have Sunday dinner every weekend, and during the summer the grill was used quite a lot. My job was usually to brush on barbeque sauce onto whatever meat was cooking over the hot coals. When I got married and we got a grill, but I shied away from it for a long time. That is until I learned how to use the grill, then there was no holding me back.

This week's Beef. It's What's For Dinner Wednesday recipe is East Meets West Burgers (recipe can be found HERE). I tend to avoid grilling burgers for some reason, so this was actually the first time I grilled burgers myself. My Husband was working a bit late, so I couldn't just ask him to do it for me. I followed the cooking time and temp information on the recipe and they came out perfectly.

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Something to note about this recipe is that the burger itself is rather basic. Just ground beef combined with bread crumbs, egg white, salt and pepper. You could use whatever you like for the burger itself, it's the toppings that bring the East Meets West flavor to this burger.

The Asian flavored mayo was tasty and should be made in advance so that the flavors have time to marry together. I allowed the mayo to hang out in the fridge for about an hour or so before I began grilling the burgers. I liked the crisp crunch of the slaw and did make a change to the recipe as it is shown on the Beef website - I used 1 teaspoon vegetable oil and 1 teaspoon dark sesame oil. I liked the addition of the sesame oil and the deeper flavor it brought to the slaw.

Overall, these burgers were easy to prepare for a weeknight meal. I am now more comfortable grilling burgers after trying this recipe and think that there are so many fun toppings and sauces you could add to a "regular" burger to make it more interesting.

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Jamie said…
I also paticiapted in this challenge this week. I just posted it on the Facebook page. I'm not too familar with Facebook so I hope I submitted it in the right place...it was under your comment. My husband I really liked these burgers and my daughters ate them without the mayo or slaw.

Good job with tackling the grill yourself. My husband handles most of the grilling here.
I really wanted to try the mayo but skipped it this time. It sounded so good though. I like how you bumped up the flavor of the slaw.
Jessie said…
these burgers look delicious, I love all of the seasoning and flavors going on here
LaDue & Crew said…
Yum Patsy, They look fantastic! I love the addition of sesame oil- one of my fav flavors! One thing I learned about grilling burgers (that really does work) is to make a dimple indentation in the center of the patty from both sides. Since burgers have a tendency to bubble up in the center and shrink a little, this helps to prevent it by giving you a more even looking burger.
Shelby said…
I love the topping (the part that brings east!).
I love the coleslaw-like relish on top. Yum!
marlynek said…
Commenting on the excellence of this blog!

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