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We spent last weekend exploring a bit of Washington, D.C. and finished up Sunday in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor. It was my first time to Baltimore, but all I had heard about was how you could get a bucket of blue crabs and go to town!

So, we ventured forth and found the restaurant that My Husband remembered as the one serving these famous blue crabs, Phillips Seafood. When we sat down and began looking over the menu, it seemed to be missing the main thing we were looking for!

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When we asked our server about it, he said that they had Snow Crab Legs. Not what we were hoping for, so we ordered a couple of dishes off the menu. Apparently, their crab cakes are "famous", so I opted for their Crab Cake Sandwich.

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The seasoning was very good, and the crab was fresh and delicious. Overall, I enjoyed it and noticed that they also sell their seasoning (not too different from Old Bay Seasoning). On the back of the tin was a recipe for their crab cakes. I am making a note to add a touch of Worcestershire sauce next time I make mine. I like that mine hold together a bit better though.

My Husband opted for the Fried Seafood Platter. No real explanation required here... take a look at the goodies he enjoyed (and shared with Our Boys):

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The seafood platter was more than a fair portion and thank goodness he ordered it because Our Oldest didn't care for the kid's burger he ordered. He ended up thoroughly enjoying the fried fish and crab cake. Our Youngest went for the kid's Fried Shrimp and let's just say there were only little shrimpy tails left as evidence he was there.

Overall, the food was very good, but a bit pricey. Even though we weren't able to order what we had been hoping for, we did enjoy our lunch there. We do plan to go back to Baltimore/Inner Harbor to check out the Baltimore Aquarium and find those coveted Maryland Crabs. Would love to hear from others who have been in the area where they have found the best seafood while there.

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Oh Patsy, this looks like a delicious meal, even though you didn't get what you wanted.
Glad you had a great day with your family!
Dragon said…
Oh well, it looks great!
Jamie said…
I was born in Baltimore and then lived in Ocean City MD until we moved to FL when I was a teenager. I remember Phillips Seafood well. We used to buy our live blue crabs from them and steam them at home. Too bad they didn't have any. There are many great seafood restaurants in the Baltimore area that sell blue crabs. I can't remember any specific ones but I know they are there. I do miss my steamed blue crabs and I love Old Bay Seasonng.

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