Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce

I received a couple of bottles of Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce recently. I had heard a little bit about the sauce from other bloggers and thought it would be worth trying when I was approached by Al Malekovic, one of the owners of Country Bob's.

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Since I wanted to get a true taste of the sauce, I opted to use it simply on grilled chicken breasts. I allowed the sauce to marinate on the chicken for about 10-15 minutes before grilling. Then, I added a bit to the chicken after slicing it up for serving.

My first impression was that it had quite a kick to it. If you like your barbeque sauce to be spicy rather than sweet, this is the sauce for you. Not so much for My Boys - too much spice, so we have to stick to a sweeter BBQ sauce. I thought the sauce had good flavor, but the spice was a bit much for me as well.

While Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce is available through their website, you can find it at some retail locations such as Wal-Mart.

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Megan said…
I love Country Bob's! Try the meatloaf recipe on his site. That was our favorite.

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