A Museum Day and Shake Shack

Since the 4th of July is on a Saturday this year, we were lucky enough to have today off of work. With a long weekend to enjoy, we decided to head into NYC for a day of fun with our boys. Our first stop was the Toys R Us in Times Square. It just happens to be a required stop whenever we go into the city. We stopped to grab a pretzel from a street vendor before heading up to The American Museum of Natural History.

From Family, Friends and Food

We got through a few of our favorite exhibits at the museum, then decided it was time for lunch. Luckily, we found out that there was a Shake Shack right around the corner. Apparently, this is a well-known burger place in NYC. Lines out the door and long wait times. We must have gotten really lucky because I think we were in line for about 15 minutes or so and our food was ready not too long after that.

From Family, Friends and Food

We kept our order pretty simple for a first visit there: 2 Shack Burgers, 2 Corn Dogs, water and 2 orders of fries. Figured that would be a good way to get a taste of what they had to offer. We found a bench outside to eat lunch and it was a gorgeous afternoon for it.

The burgers were really good. Cooked perfectly and very simple - American cheese, lettuce and tomato on a soft bun. Sorry for the lack of focus in this photo, but I wanted to show you what the hype is about with this place.

From Family, Friends and Food

The fries were crinkle-cut and perfectly crispy on the outside. We couldn't stop eating them. They were simple with no additional seasonings, but they were simply perfect. Our Boys enjoyed their corn dogs which were nicely browned but they were a bit too salty.

After our delicious lunch, we went back to the museum because we still had more to see. We've been there several times and have missed the Hall of Human Origins until today. Checking out the "cavemen" was a highlight for the boys. We couldn't leave without spending a fair amount of time in the Dinosaur section before heading back to the Shake Shack for some ice cream.

Yes, we went on back because how could we not try the ice cream! Each of the boys got a cone, one with chocolate and one with vanilla. I chose their daily special flavor of Red, White and Blueberry. What I didn't know was that my blueberry ice cream would be on a cone, and the white whipped cream and strawberry syrup would be in a separate cup. A bit weird, and I ended up tossing the cup and just ate the cone. It's not really ice cream, but actually custard. Thick and creamy and the blueberry was not overly sweet, and filled with blueberry flavor.

We will definitely go back next time we are near one - there are a couple in Manhatten so, I imagine we'll be able to coordinate things so that we can be near one again. If you go, it would be worth the wait if you happen to run into a line... just do it on a nice day so that you can enjoy it on a bench on the sidewalk so that you can people watch while you dig into the fabulous burgers, fries and sweet treats!

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Katrina said…
Fun and yum! I love NYC.
Sounds like a great day and great food for a family outing! Enjoy the whole weekend!

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