Lunch at the Jersey Shore

I may not have grown up near the Jersey Shore, but it is one of my favorite parts about living out here. Something about the smell of the fresh ocean air just calms me and washes away any troubles of the previous work week. Who knows, perhaps it's because my astrological sign is Cancer, which is a water sign... of course, that's if you follow that sort of thing. Whatever it is, I look forward to when we can spend time near the beach, which is exactly what we did today.

After a long drive down the wonderful Garden State Parkway, we arrived at Point Pleasant Beach Boro. It's really a cute little town, that does get overrun with people this time of year, but you can't really blame them. Which is why it took a bit more time than usual for us to find parking because it was a gorgeous day out - bright sunshine, low 80's and a nice light breeze. Who wouldn't want to be out enjoying that kind of weather?

Once we got parked we hit the boardwalk and went straight for lunch. Now, if you have never been to the boardwalk it may be hard to understand that the moment you get there you are hit with the most enticing smell ever... if you can pass by the freshly made waffles waiting for their slice of neopolitan ice cream and the zeppoles or the fried oreos (yep, they have found a way to make them even more dangerous to your waistline) you are doing good! I always feel like I'm gaining weight just walking along.

We had a really good lunch, and everyone was able to select what they wanted. I had a pretty good slice of pizza (for shore pizza!) - the crust was thin, the cheese wasn't greasy and it wasn't all soggy when I picked it up. My Husband went for the sausage and peppers which is a big shore favorite and the boys each loved their chicken nuggets and fish "fingers". The fries were nice and crisp on the outside, cooked just right!

From Family, Friends and Food

The food at the shore can be hit or miss, but when we find a place that is pretty good we keep going back. I also love to indulge in a cup of ice cream, and we did get some for the boys today. Unfortunately, no photos of that creamy goodness because we were heading back to the car at that point.

After we took a nice long walk (another great thing about the boardwalk is that you can get in some exercise after enjoying the treats!), we took the boys over for some rides.

From Family, Friends and Food

As you can see, they had a great time and were very tired when we got home tonight! Not much cooking going on this weekend, but I will have more to share on Monday!

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Mary Bergfeld said…
We spent a lot of weekends at Point Pleasant or Cape May when our children were young. We loved to eat at the Wharfside restaurant. The kids were addicted to the hush puppies.
Cate O'Malley said…
The pictures are great! Heading down to the shore this weekend - can't wait!
Pam said…
Looks like you had a great day and ate some tasty food.

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